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Jingle bells, Jumbo Bucks, money all the way! (The KACHING Report 12/5)


Oh what fun it is to win on a lottery ticket...HEY!  Jingle bells, Jumbo Bucks, money all the way!  Oh what fun it is to win on a lottery ticket...


$3 (3 x $1), $2 (2 x $1), and $5 (MEGA $1) on some $2 MegaBucks

$10 ($10) and a free ticket on some $2 Loteria


Free ticket and $10 (Gift $3 + Gift $2) on some $2 HolidaySurprise

Free ticket on $2 Spicy Cash

Free ticket on $3 2010 Cash Celebration


Trust me, you'll want to watch this YouTube video to see something I pulled off for only the 3rd time... Wink

Friday slow playing:

Free ticket and $50 ($50) on 2 $20 World Class Millions

$20 ($10 + 2 x $5) and $250 ($250) on 2 $10 MillionaireMania

$20 ($20) on $10 Super Lucky 7s

$100 (Star) on $10 Extreme Green

Free ticket on $5 Bass Pro Shops $250,000 Cash Adventure

$10 (2 x Tree $1) and $25 (Tree $2 + $15) on 2 $5 Season’sGreetings

$100 ($100) and a free ticket on 2 $5 Diamonds & Gold

Friday other places:

$15 ($15) on $10 Millionaire Mania

$15 (15 x $1 w/GOLD) and a free ticket on 2 $5 Diamonds& Gold


$50 ($5 + 15 x $3 w/gold bar) and a free ticket on some $5$500,000 Riches

I can honestly say this.....I've NEVER had this kind of luck before....not even around the time I hit my 1st $500 winner (with hitting $100 the day after and hitting $50 and 3 $30 winners around the same time).  With the 2 monster winners in my latest YouTube video (linked above -- it's an all Jumbo Bucks special) and the monsters on Friday and Saturday (including a career best on 2 games, Millionaire Mania and Diamonds & Gold), this week has contained the most, winner-wise, I've ever hit in my life.  What an early merry Christmas this has been for me.

With all that, I'm bringing back the KACHING meter for this week (and maybe on another occasion if the situation permits...).

The KACHING Meter for Saturday, December 5 (yes, a day late, I know):  T-I-L-T Big Grin

I just can't believe this.  One thing I'll most certainly be thankful for this Christmas......all of this dough that will most certainly come in handy for Christmas gifts for family and friends and something else for myself.....getting a pair of glasses (so I can see things far away again -- right now, everything a very far distance from me is blurry......and it's probably from me working in front of computers so much in my life).

Until next time, may you have an early merry Christmas by winning a 3-digit sum or more on most if not all of your tickets! Smile

Entry #195


konaneComment by konane - December 6, 2009, 1:50 pm
WTG, huge congratulations!!!!   What a haul, good for you!!! Keep that positive vibe and keep them coming!

Good luck getting glasses ... they make a world of difference.
TenajComment by Tenaj - December 6, 2009, 4:41 pm
awesome Robert.
Comment by Keystone - December 10, 2009, 3:02 am
Merry Christmas!

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