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The KACHING Report 11/14



$25 (2 x Moneybag $2 + $5) on a $5 $500,000 Riches

$7 (7 x $1) on $3 Mighty Mega Bucks

$3 ($3) on $2 Fire ‘N’ Dice

$2 ($2) on $1 Junior Jumbo Bucks

$2 ($2) on $2 Quick $50

$5 on $1 $10,000 Club

Free ticket and $4 ($2 + 2 x $1) on some $2 Spicy Cash

3 free tickets and $10 ($10) on some $2 $35,000 Super Score

$8 ($8) on $3 Cash Harvest

2 free tickets on some $5 Season’s Greetings


Free ticket on $3 Bingo Bingo

2 free tickets on some $1 5X the Money

It was a really bad week this week....losses all around, including a really bad one on Monday.

I won't be slow playing this coming Monday.  I'm subbing for a coworker at work, plus I'm trying to save a little bit more dough.  Also, my mom is having surgery Wednesday.  I'm taking off Wednesday and Thursday from work.   There is a possibility that there may not be a KACHING Report next week because it's possible I may not play at all next week.

I've still been working slowly on my Lotto Hideout when I've had a few spare moments, but they've been few and far between during the past week.  I'm on Massachusetts' $5 tickets now.  It's now a downhill climb (I think that's how you'd describe it) because there are much fewer tickets when I get to the $10 and $20 tickets.

Until next time, may you win lots of loot and may your family be in good health. Smile

Entry #192


Comment by Keystone - November 15, 2009, 5:50 pm
Hope all goes well and that everyone has good health.
Remember it only takes 1 ticket to win!
konaneComment by konane - November 20, 2009, 10:40 am
Just catching up with you, hope your mom's surgery goes smooth as silk. When that weight is off your mind, hope your luck rolls back in big time!

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