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The KACHING Report - 4/25/08


Last Edited: April 25, 2008, 4:43 pm

The KACHING Meter reading for the week: 14.9

Saturday night:  See last blog post.

On Sunday, I cashed in that $75 winner from last Saturday night.  Decided to keep a huge chunk of that money ($60 to be exact) and used the rest to buy me another $5 Green and Gold and a $10 Millionaire Mania (which was a dud)......and the Green and Gold wound up being my 3rd $30 winner.....and the 2nd via a gold bar symbol for all 15 prizes with all being $2 each.  I kept some more  dough and bought some more $2 Jumbo Bucks and wound up hitting $10 (10 x $1) and a free ticket.  I also wound up with $2 on a $1 Blackjack Attack ticket (2 x $1).

Thursday....decided to cash in those winners.  Wound up with a free ticket on a $5 Green and Gold.  Used that to get a couple of $2 Jumbos and a $1 ticket and wound up breaking even with a $5 number match on one of the Jumbo Bucks.  I went to another store, bought 2 more $2 Jumbos and a $1 ticket and went down to $3 on a $2 Jumbo (3 x $1).

Today.....decided to take a couple of spare bucks, after making a trip to make a small little deposit somewhere (Wink ), and get myself a $5 Giant Jumbo Bucks.  Hit a breakeven $5 winner (3 x $1 + $2), so I decided to go back in and get a $5 Green and Gold and wound up with nothing.  Oh well....

So.....Saturday's $87 (8.7) + Sunday's $44 (4.4) + Thursday's $13 (1.3) + Today's $5 (0.5) = 14.9 on the KACHING Meter.  (Remember, for those who are new to my KACHING Meter posts.....this is NOT profit....just total in winners.)

I don't know what's been with the LP site today.....every time I've tried to visit from this morning to now, about 95% of the pages would load up at a snail's pace while other sites would load up quickly.  Must be a server or datacenter issue or something.

Until next time, may all your lotto scratchers be winners, contain nothing but number matches if it's that type of game, win all symbols, and multipliers. Big Grin

Entry #4


Comment by cyril32a - April 28, 2008, 5:39 am
your good at predictions I see... do you mind sharing your predictions for the Louisiana lottery for wednesday 30, 2008.

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