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The Key to cracking PIck4 and Pick5...Where it lies...


Last Edited: May 4, 2008, 9:15 pm

I don't know you have to see that comercial..But there is a commercial of a water faucet from the company i think is Kohler...In the comercial they show a kohler faucets and the two couples tell the ingeneer/architect...I think the architect ask the couple, how they will like their houses...And one of the couples (the woman) takes out a kohler faucets and says: "Build a house around this"....Why is that commercial important...Because i found something very important...

In this website:  http://www.justlottery.com/pick4-wheels.html

there is an abbreviated wheel...Where it says: "Guarantee Match 3 if any 4 picked from a group of 10 (14 entries)"

The wheel cost 14 dollars to play...I am going to list that wheel here...

Here is the wheel: It cost 14 dollars to play..For sake of argument we are going to call this wheel the "Faucet"...

01-02-03-06 R                                                                    
 01-02-08-09 R                                                                          
01-03-05-07  R                                                                     
01-04-05-06  R                                                                     
 01-04-09-10  R                                                                                
01-07-08-10   R                                                               
 02-03-05-10  R                                                            
02-04-06-10  R                                                          
 02-04-07-08  R                                                          
 02-05-07-09  R                                                                
03-04-07-10  R                                                         
03-04-08-09  R                                                    
03-06-07-09  R                                                               
 05-06-08-10 R                                                                                  

This wheel guarantees you 3 numbers out of the 4 if you play those 14 dollars...Now why is the kohler faucet commercial important...This is the most important sentence of this entire message...EVERY LOTTERY SOFTWARE AND ALGORITHM FOR PICK4 AND PICK5 (LOTTO5), SHOULD WORK AROUND THIS WHEEL...This is where the key to cracking pick4 straight lies and cracking pick5 lies and cracking Florida Mega Money lottery game lies...THIS WHEEL I MENTION IS THE KEY...This wheel dubbed "the faucets" is where the KEY to cracking pick4, pick5 and Florida Mega Money lottery game lies...

Why isn't there a research group/association/LTD working around that wheel...Why aren't there a building with guys in lab robe working around this wheel with the help of combinatorics experts (the math area)...Lotterypost.com is the research Lab of Pick4...You know what's so funny? That kohler the company has a research lab: http://www.kohler.com/labs/

Kohler company has a research lab for a DAMN WATER FAUCET, A REAL FAUCET, like who spends their time marveling a faucet...Now tell me, how laughable is that...And yet Pick4 does not have a research LTD Lab dedicating of trying to crack the game for the rest of us all working around that wheel i dubbed the "faucet"...

Now if you read this post by "Time Treat" http://www.lotterypost.com/thread/173920/2

You will know that Pick 4 has a liability of 8 million EACH DAY, AND THAT'S JUST THE STATE OF GEORGIA, HOW ABOUT THE OTHER 38 OR 39 states that have pick4...

This wheel guarantees 3 out of the 4 numbers if the numbers don't repeat for 14 dollars...So the problem in pick4 is not that you can't get the right numbers, is that is hard to get that 4th number...This is the question scientist, people in labs working to try and crack pick4 should be asking themselves "what will you do if for 14 dollars you already had 3 numbers out of the 4 numbers"...

I am sorry to say it, but all the lottery softwares out there for Pick4 and Pick5 (all 279 of them), all their efforts with their different theories and approach, all those efforts are wasted, they are all thrash...Again around that wheel i dubbed the "faucet" that's in this website: http://www.justlottery.com/pick4-wheels.html around that wheel is that every lottery software should work and be working on...All that stuff about breakthrough in chaos theory, or triangulation system, or search engines algorithms or artificial intelligence should concentrate on that wheel....

The key is in taking that wheel and figuring out a way to get the 4th number and adjusting the combinations so that it you will get the numbers straight by looking at past history draws of pick4...

Want to know a secret that i recently discovered this is beside what i am saying? in this website: http://www.justlottery.com/pick4-wheels.html   There they got a full wheel that uses 10 numbers and guarantees a ticket having 4 out of 4 and it cost 210 dollars to play...But if you take that abbreviated wheel above the one i dubbed the "faucet" the one that guarantees 3 numbers if the 4 numbers are in those 10 for 14 entries...Well if you take that abbreviated wheel and you let each one of those numbers represent 10 different numbers for example: i did one...

you write in one column WN which means "wheel number" then you write an equal sign and you write DN which will stand for "designated numbers"..YOu then do this...


1 = 4

2= 10

3= 9

4= 5

5= 3

6= 7

7= 1

8= 6

9 = 2

10 = 8

I let 1 = 4, but it could have been any number...The same thing with 2, i let 2 = 10 but it could have been any of the 10 numbers, making sure that that two wheel numbers do not have the same designated numbers...Now if i know replace on the wheel i dubbed the "faucet" i let each of those wheel numbers get replaced by Designated numbers...If i do this this this is what i'll have for the wheel i dubbed the "faucet":















(Note: Remember that in the lottery 10 stands for "0" zero)...Now here is where the secret that i found is...If you replace the wheel numbers with the designated numbers and you do it 10 times and repeat the abbreviated wheel i dubbed the "faucet" you repeat it 10 times making sure that each time the different designated numbers do not have the same wheel numbers each time...if you do this, theoretically speaking it will cost you 140 dollars for 14 x 10 equals 140 dollars and in those 140 dollars you will have i ticket with the 4 numbers...But if you was smart you will know that it pays to do it 5 times and not 10 times...You are basically repeating the 14 dollars play "faucet" wheel 10 times but in this case is 5 times...If you was smart you will know that it pays to do it 5 times and not 10 times because of the cost constraints...If you do it 5 times and not 10 times and you make sure that each time, each repetition the designated numbers don't have the same wheel numbers each time you repeat the designated numbers...Then if you do it 5 times the odds of you having the 4 numbers in the group of 10 will be 50%, plus it cost 70 dollars for 5 x 14 = 70 dollars...But you have to make sure how you adjust the designated numbers, that's where the key is and that is the little secret i found..(but it will be better if you can custom made your software this way, because by hand is time consuming and this is why i said that around that wheel is where lottery software should work around)...You will then be saving yourself 140 dollars if you play it 5 times and 70 dollars if you play it 10 times...And profit the box payout is 200 dollars you will win 60 dollars if you play it 10 times and bet 140 dollars...But again this is only if the numbers don't repeat, like 1234 or 7530...If the numbers repeat like 7732 or 4221 then you are screwed...

But the best option is to play it 5 times and then begin to filter from there, based on sums, E/O, High/LOw, maybe along with Pick4 (1600 S.A.T) part 1-6, and sum total patterns for pick4, etc...In all this cases please do not use "hot/cold" to filter for i believe Hot/cold don't work for pick4...

That was my little secret that i found out, but going back to what i was saying...That wheel i dubbed the "faucet" is the key to winning Pick5 also...Why? because like how i've said already...If you knew what were going to be the numbers for pick4 "straight" all you had to do is bet 30 dollars on the same number and that will be 5,000 x 30 = 150,000 which is the average jackpot for pick5 and even better is also the second prize of Powerball..And how many combinations does pick5 have? 324,632 for PIck5/35 (lotto5) and 575,757 for a pick5/39 (lotto5) and how many combinations does Powerball have 150 million, exactly...And how many combinations does pick4 has? 10,000...Actually is more like 8,000 or 7,500 if you really know pick4....And the funny thing is that i don't specialize on pick4...

That's why most lottery softwares should work around that wheel i dubbed the "faucet", that's the best wheel of all of them...They should work around that wheel and no other wheel, that should be the ONLY WHEEL THEIR SOFTWARES SHOULD WORK AROUND...What also lottery software should work on a way to get the pick4 numbers straight, and not boxed...If they can order or adjust the 4 digits into a way that will have the 4 numbers straight by looking at previous history and checking the numbers they got or are predicting to come next and check in the past if they have play and in what form they came for example if 1235 and 3512 play already in the past, the next time is comming is not going to be like that but it might be in the form of 1253 or 1352 or some other form...This is where lottery software should be working on...As it is right now all 279 lottery software all their efforts are futile...THIS IS THE ONLY WAY...Also lottery softwares and scientist and the pick4 research LTD lab should work is in what dates do the numbers repeat or don't repeat and custom made their software around that also...The problem is not can you get the 4 numbers for pick4, the problem is can you get the 4th numbers and if you get the 4th number can you get it straight...That wheel i dubbed the faucet should be EVERYBODY'S BIBLE...

Why do i say this wheel is also the key to cracking Florida's Mega Money lottery game? Because if i  was good at predicting pick4, i would had won Florida Mega Money already, and a couple of times a year...And how much will it had cost me to bet on Florida Mega Money? Around 8 dollars....

How? By deducing...What do i mean by deducing?
But the difference is that you view "Florida Mega MOney" as a permutation Pick4 game by its ending digits....Example if: 7-8-24-40 MB: 2...And you correctly predicted 7-8-4-10 (considering you treat 0 (zero), as ten), then all you had to do with the 7-8-4-10 is deduce...Example of deducing:
you could use the following round which starts with: 17+, but
combinations that start with 17+ are so rare, you can eliminate them...
That's why i said that that wheel i dubbed the "faucet" is also the key to cracking Florida's Mega Money lottery game...By the way i said cracking i didn't say winning the lottery 1 time...Cracking the game implies winning the game multiple times a year...They should also work on employing this tactic and make bets affordable..An affordable bet for pick4 should be like around 8 - 12 U.S dollars...
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Comment by pumpi76 - May 5, 2008, 9:09 am
Like how i said before, every lottery software on the internet and every lottery algorithm and every lottery search algorithm, and every lottery research lab should work around that wheel i dubbed the "faucet"....
Comment by pumpi76 - May 6, 2008, 12:49 am
i'll like to show you a image of decision trees algorithms i found it in google...
Now tell me that doesn't look like pick4 but instead of numbers there is letters...And what if scientist and lottery research labs just the same way they work on that decision tree image, they will work on that wheel i dubbed/called the faucet, where i say every lottery software and every lotto research lab and combinatorics scientist should concentrate on....Like how i said before if mankind wanted to win the lottery they could...
Comment by pumpi76 - May 6, 2008, 2:22 am
Also something you should know when deducing is that despite that Florida Mega Money is 1 to 44, if you really look at most draws (this pattern shows up a lot in RNG's), is that most draws 90% to 95% of the numbers are going to be in the middle and not the extremes...So if Florida Mega Money is 1 to 44, it actually more like 5 to 39 or basically 34 numbers total if you eliminate the extremes...The same thing with Florida Lotto, is a Pick6/53 or 1 to 53 but is actually more like 6 to 47 or 43 numbers total...This is something you should have in mind when deducing and when picking the pick4 numbers for Florida Mega Money...I meant picking the permutation pick4 numbers....
Comment by pumpi76 - March 31, 2011, 5:57 pm
tell source code if they can REALLY see the Middle East instead of just looking at the middle east mirror...

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