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Work - And Some Thoughts About It...


Gruntwork part of Phase III virtually complete. I still have to perform display error checks on some of the existing files but that'll be easy enough. The data is sound. I'll be preparing the files for uploading over the weekend. ".pdf" files will have to wait - about two months before their completion - but the HTML files will be sent and posted. Actual generation of the ".pdf" files may become a road project. It'll have to be a choice between Phase IV initial data entry and the ".pdf" files, though.....

New software due in next week, and the conversion to the new computers will hopefully be complete. The new laptop is the main data processor for right now, but that may change.

I'm hoping that, with the completion of the base processing of Phase IV, that the need for the generation of additional paperwork will cease. At least that's what I'm proposing to the client. I'm almost sure I can process the existing data from within the computer and not have to have - or submit - the hard copy.

I've been working on this project for about a year and a half. Not very much output has been realized given the work performed. I had originally planned on completing Phase IV in about 16 months from inception but spreadsheet development, providing for a fourfold expansion of this project from the original specifications, proposals for the next project, the development of the ".pdf" format, and other things have slowed the output. All in all, though, it's going well - I think.

Speaking of spreadsheet development, I moved some spreadsheets from the old computers to the new ones yesterday and opened them - for the first time in over a year. Advanced planning on these may have just paid off - in a big way. Data transfer to them by block should be possible - a massive timesaver, and evidently what I had in mind when I developed them. Some formula manipulation will still be necessary in some areas but the overall concept still looks great.

If all goes as planned, there will be a radical increase in submitted output vs. time involved after Phase IV is complete, and I'd like to have that done by November. I'm optimistic.

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