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3 Ways to Beat Your Bad Habits


3 Ways to Beat Your Bad Habits

Zero tolerance: It�s the only way to break a bad habit. So don�t indulge - scratch that itch mentally. Here�s how.

#1 - Wear a Rubber Band
When you feel a craving coming on, snap your wrist three times quickly. Scientists and torturers call this negative reinforcement: Craving equals pain. It�s akin to smacking yourself on the nose with a newspaper.

#2 - Pour Yourself a Glass of Cure
When it comes to nervous habits, water is your secret weapon. When you feel a craving coming on, chug at least 10 ounces. It�s amazing how well this works.

#3 - Switch Sides of the Bed
If you�re a consistent habit former, you should overhaul your routines - what time you wake up, what you eat for breakfast, what route you take to work, and so on - every 3 months.

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Comment by Gentlespirit - May 31, 2008, 9:17 pm
Angel...I quit smoking about 19 years ago, and I did it by the zero tolerance method. That's the only way it would work for me. Cold Turkey!!!I ate a lot of peppermint candy for a while to give me that oral gratification. They say that trying to quit smoking is worse than trying to quit a drug addiction!!! I know it was the hardest thing I ever done!!! It was even harder than divorcing my husband!!! :) ...ha ha ha he he...

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