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Worst things found in fast food


Worst things found in fast food

If you are looking for ways to beat your lunchtime fast food cravings (and stories about E. coli aren't enough), take a look at Court TV's list of the ten worst things found in fast food meals. Since it's Court TV, you can guess that they're not talking about trans-fats, either. Their list includes the following items, though you'll have to check out their list for the full details on each item, as well as info on any subsequent lawsuits:
In 1995 an Alabama man found a condom in a burger at a McDonald's
In 2004, an Ohio man found some skin (part of a thumb) in and Arby's sandwich.
In 2005, a man found the whole finger - a different one - in some Kohl's frozen custard.
The employees at an Oregon Jack in the Box, "for their sole amusement," added a variety of disturbing things (acid, soap, phlegm, human hair and staples) the burgers of at least one couple.
A Virginia Beach firefighter found two used bandages Quarter Pounder at McDonald's in 1994 (My roommate in college found one in the pizza at the cafeteria, but that didn't make the list).
A Tennessee man (allegedly) bit into a hypodermic needle in a Big Mac in 2000.
There are four more disturbing "found" items on CourtTV's list, but, frankly, six is really more than enough for me. And you can bet that I'll be looking closely the next time I hit the drive-thru on a road trip. Better safe than sorry!

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Comment by Gentlespirit - June 1, 2008, 8:48 pm
Yuk...how gruesome!!! I always ask for packaged ketchup... because no telling what's inside the ketchup they have in those big vat type containers. Wendy's have those containers.

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