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The KACHING Report for 5/23 (a record-breaker)


Ok.....so, I went into the old trailer and dragged out the digital camera to get pictures of the big ones.  Some of the pics might not be in the best quality....because I couldn't use the scanner to scan the big winners.

5/23 KACHING Report

It started small, but wound up big.


Bought a few $1 Junior Jumbo Bucks tickets.  Wound up with a free ticket.


That morning, we went to the trailer (before it was moved over here) to do some stuff before the big move of each half of this double-wide.  I decided to cash in that Junior Jumbo and buy some more tickets....in particular, the $2 Jumbo Bucks Classic.  I wound up hitting $5 (5 x $1), 2 $2 winners (each via 2 x $1), and a free ticket.  After going out to grab some stuff (notably white paint for the ceiling), we went by the same store to cash in those tickets.  I decided to let it ride and buy some $2 Vacation Cash tickets.  Well.....on the 2nd and 3rd tickets.....

....hit a $3 winner (on the right) and on the ticket after that (on the left).......hit a big one.  It may be blurry, but in Game #10, I hit the "Cash" symbol to instantly win all 10 prizes.....8 $4s, $8, and $10....for a total of $50.  After calling it quits at the trailer for the day, I went back to the very same store, kept $40 in cash, and bought a $10 Cash Explosion and a $3 Weekly Bonus 2008.  Well....the luck continued.  On the Weekly Bonus, I hit a single # match for $15.  On the Cash Explosion, I won a free ticket.  I went back into the store, kept $15 in cash, and bought 5 $2 Triple 777 tickets.  On the last one, I hit 2 red 7s for triple $2 each and a black 7 for $2 for a total of $14.  I went back in, getting some exercise in the process, and took my dough and called it quits.


We went back to the trailer.  Before that, though, we went to the very same store before we got there and I decided to go in and buy $10 worth of tickets......5 $2 Triple Fortune tickets.  I don't have pictures, because I cashed them in before I got back to take pictures, but here's what happened.  4 of the 5 tickets were winners.  In order.....$27 (3 x $9), $15 ($$$ for triple $3 + $$$ for triple $2), loser, $6 ($$$ $1 + $3), and a free ticket.  I hit another $50 in winners.  I cashed them in.

Later on in the day, we went to another store to get gas.  I decided to buy a $2 Fast 5s (last one in the roll) and 4 $2 Mega Bucks.  I won $2 and a free Fantasy 5 ticket on the $2 Fast 5s (for the KACHING Report, it counts as a $3 winner -- 2 x $1 + Fantasy 5 logo), $2 ($2), and a free ticket on 2 of the Mega Bucks.  I decided, with a couple of spare $1 bills that I had, to go into another store later that evening, and bought a $10 Jumbo Jumbo Bucks and a $1 Junior Jumbo Bucks.  I wound up with a free ticket on both.  That $11 was key to another big one that came up tomorrow.


I went to Kroger with my mother to grab some groceries and stuff.  I took that $11 from yesterday and went to the customer service desk to cash them in.  A very pretty (and I mean H-O-T) young gal, who was probably just a couple of years younger than I am (and I'm 22, FYI), took the tickets and scanned them....telling me I had $11.  I looked in the display case and, instead of taking the money and going over to the lotto vending machine, saw they had the $1 Double Your Luck and the $10 Cash Explosion tickets.  I got 1 of each.  I didn't win anything on the $1 ticket, but on the Cash Explosion ticket.....

....does that look familiar to something in my 1st blog post here?  I'll be darned if I didn't hit another firecracker symbol to win all 15 prizes.....10 $5s and 5 $10s......the same exact method as my 1st $100 winner on those.  I went back to the customer service desk and thanked the pretty girl for that ticket.

Later on....I went to the same store where I hit that $50 winner and the $50 combo of winners and cashed in that $100 winner.  I kept $80 in cash and bought 2 $10 Millionaire Mania tickets.  I wound up hitting $15 ($10 + $5) and $20 ($10 + 2 x $5) on them.


I went to cash in that $35 in winners.  I kept $20 in cash and bought 2 of the then-new $5 $250,000 Cash tickets, 2 of the then-new $2 Betty Boop tickets (about darn time the GA Lottery gets a licensed brand game besides Monopoly), and a $1 Junior Jumbo Bucks.  I hit $3 ($3) and a free ticket on the Betty Boop tickets.  The 1st $5 ticket was a dud.  The 2nd.....

....a truck symbol to win all 15 prizes....all of them $4 for a total of $60 (sorry for the blurry photo....remember...didn't have a scanner available).  I went back into the store and took the moolah.

I've never had such a huge streak of winners like this, not even back in February when I hit 2 $100 winners and a $70 winner.

The KACHING Meter for May 23, 2008:  a 37.2 -- a brand new KACHING record, surpassing the 1.92 (what now would be a 19.2) from 2005.

I'll post the 5/30 KACHING Report probably tomorrow.  I'm kinda tired right now.

Until next time, may all your scratchers be nothing but big winners. Big Grin

Entry #9


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