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The KACHING Report for 5/30



Decided to buy me a couple of $5 $250,000 Cash tickets.  Hit $10 ($10) and a free ticket.


See above ($10 + ticket), except $10 winner via a moneybag symbol for 5x $2.  Later on, went to another store and bought another $250K Cash and hit another $10 ($3 + $2 + $5).


We needed to get some clothes washed, so I went with my mother to find a laundromat that was open.  We stopped at a store before going to one.  I went in, cashed in some of those winners I mentioned, and bought a $5 $250K Cash and 5 $3 $75,000 Cashword tickets.  I decided to wait and scratch them off while the clothes were washing.  We went to a laundromat a few feet away from the store......and they were closed.  We missed the closing time by about 15 minutes.  We decided to go to another one....and it was open (24/7 to be exact).  So, I loaded clothes into the washer, put in the liquid and quarters, and got 'em started up.  I started with the $5 ticket 1st, because the Cashword tickets take a while to scratch off.  I wound up with a free ticket on that.  I then started on the Cashword tickets.  I scratched off the first one, being slow and being sure I scratched off all of the applicable letter(s) and not miss any.  I finished the 1st one as the load of clothes were finishing up in the washer.  It was a $10 winner (5 words, 1st puzzle).  I put the rest of the tickets and the winners in my pocket, unloaded the clothes out of the washer and into the little rolling baskets that some laundromats provide, went to the dryer, and stuck 'em in and started it up.  I continued scratching the rest of the tickets.  2nd ticket......won $15 (5 words in 1st puzzle, 4 words in 2nd).  Got to the 3rd ticket.....won a free ticket with 3 words in the 2nd puzzle.  As I was scratching the 4th ticket, the clothes finished drying.....or so I thought.  Not all the clothes were finished, so I took out the ones that were dry, left the others in there, put in some more quarters, and let the rest of them dry.  After folding the dry clothes and putting them away, I finished the 4th ticket, which was a dud.  On the 5th ticket......I had just finished scratching it off when the remaining clothes finished drying.....or, once again, so I thought.  Some more were dry....some more weren't.  Out came the dry ones, out came more quarters, and started the bloody thing up again to try the rest of them.  Thank goodness the dryer cost was pretty cheap (a quarter, IIRC).  I folded the dry clothes and checked the ticket.  It was another $15 winner, same method as the other one (5 + 4).  4 of the 5 tickets were winners.  I was pleasantly shocked (although, with the way my luck had been running, I shouldn't have been surprised Razz ).  Oh yeah, I had a free ticket on a Junior Jumbo Bucks as well that I had totally forgotten about and discovered upon a 2nd look.


Decided to keep a ton of that moolah when I cashed in those winners and buy a $3 Happy Mother's Day and a $2 Betty Boop.  Hit $6 (3 x $2) on the Mother's Day and $3 (3 x $1) on the Betty Boop.


Decided to cash them in and let it ride.  I bought 3 $2 Triple Fortune and a $3 Big Bucks.  Didn't win anything on the Big Bucks, but I hit 3 consecutive free tickets on the Triple Fortune tickets.


Decided to take a few bucks along with the free tickets from Wednesday and cash them in at a K-Mart when I went shopping for a computer desk (because the one I had in the old trailer will not fit in this one....waaaaaaaay too big).  I bought me a $2 Jumbo Bucks (wanted to buy more, but it was the last one), 2 $2 $50,000 Bling tickets (woulda bought more, but those were the last 2 in the roll), and 2 $2 Double Lucky 7s out of the vending machine they had.  I hit $3 (3 x $1) on the $2 Jumbo, 2 free tickets on the $50,000 Bling, and $14 ($3 + 77 for double $2 + $7) and $3 (77 $1 + $1) on the Double Lucky 7s.  I took my moolah and started shopping.....with no luck in finding a decent computer desk for a decent price.

The KACHING Meter for May 30, 2008:  12.8

Still not too shabby.  Personally, I don't mind buying tickets from the ends of a roll, as I've had good luck with the 1st and last tickets of a roll in the past (hit $40 on the 1st back in late 2004 and $100 on the last......it was my 1st $100 winner ever back in 2004).

Well, I'll be trying out the new tickets from the GA Lottery either today or tomorrow (or both).  I've gotta scram and get some stuff done.  I also want to give some lovin' to my cat, Miss Kitty, who, as I'm typing this now, is sitting in my window (with a screen so she can't get out) being lazy.  I've gotta show some pictures of her sometime as well.

Until next time, may all your scratchers be nothing but big winners. Big Grin

Entry #10


konaneComment by konane - June 6, 2008, 6:52 am
Congrats on your wins!! For a computer desk try Freecycle http://www.freecycle.org/ Yahoo groups or Craigslist http://geo.craigslist.org/iso/us/ga

Freecycle is just as it says members give unneeded things away, membership is free. Craigslist has both free and for sale items.
Comment by sorensonfan41 - June 6, 2008, 8:13 am
Thanks konane. A family friend is supposed to be getting a desk from someone this weekend and they want me to come look at it to see if I like it. If it's a decent desk, I'll probably go for it (can't beat free....I can always improvise and add on to it if I need to). If that falls through and I can't find one anywhere else, I'll try those sites.

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