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The KACHING Report - 6/20


Last Edited: June 20, 2008, 5:15 pm

My mother and I decided to go to a Goodwill store today.  While she went inside to shop, I went down to the same tobacco mart that I mentioned previously, which is a couple of doors down from the Goodwill.  I decided to slow play (buy one ticket at a time.....hit a winner and switch to another kind unless the winner is $20 or more -- in that case, like last week, I took the dough and decided to endure some boring shopping) some more tickets while she shopped.  Well, I hit a nice flurry of winners.  Here they are, in as close of order as I could remember:

$16 (8 x $2) on $10 $150,000,000 Slots of Luck1

Free ticket on a $2 Jumbo Bucks Classic

Free ticket on $2 Red Hot & Wild 7s

Free ticket on $2 10 Times The Money

Update:  Missed this one -- $2 ($2) on $2 $50,000 Bling

$5 (5 x $1) on $2 Double Time

$10 (2 x $5) on $2 Fast 5s

$5 (Jumbo $1) on $5 Giant Jumbo Bucks

Free ticket on $5 $250,000 Cash

Free ticket on $5 Green and Gold

Free ticket on $3 Mighty Mega Bucks

$6 ($3 + 3 x $1) on $3 Big Bucks

$7 (2 x $3 + $1) on $5 Jumbo

$5 (Jumbo $1) on $1 Junior Jumbo Bucks

$3 (3 x $1) on $2 Jumbo

Free ticket on $2 Jumbo

$6 (2 x $3) on $3 $100,000 Monopoly

Free ticket on $5 $35 Million Blowout

and finally, just as my mother walked in (because she forgot her cell phone at the house, or else she woulda called me when she was ready to go), I used that free ticket to buy a $5 $500,000 Hold 'Em Poker ticket......and, after I scratched it in the car as we were leaving to go grab some lunch, it was a $30 winner (3 x $10).  At first, I thought it was only $20, but I looked at a hand again and realized that I made a jack-high straight over the house's pair of jacks, and scratched the prize, which was another $10.

The KACHING Meter for June 20, 2008:  12.3 (updated to reflect $2 breakeven I forgot about)

BTW, there were some losers intermingled among those winners; however, I didn't hit more than 3 consecutive losers before I hit a winner.  I did hit 3 losers in a row on a couple types of the $2 tickets (10 Times The Money and Red Hot & Wild 7s), but on most of the others, I hit a winner on the first ticket or 2nd.  Also, about going to a different kind of ticket......normally, I don't go back to the same kind of ticket during my slow playing; however, a crowd came in while I was slow playing and bought multiples of certain kinds of tickets (a lady bought 5 each of 3 types of $2 tickets), especially the $2 Jumbo Bucks Classic, so I decided to get in line, buy one, and let others buy some more of the $2 Jumbos before buying another (the $3 winner near the end of the list was that "one" I was just referring to....used it to buy another one during the 2nd round after the crowds bought some more and left and hit that last $2 Jumbo free ticket).

1That $16 winner on the $10 Slots of Luck was my very first winner EVER on those.  I had abosolutely no luck on those in the past.  Now I can cross that one off of the "tickets I've never won a penny off of" list. Yes Nod  Actually......thinking about it........that may have been the only one I've never won a dime off of.  I'll have to check the list of GA Lottery instant games and see.

Update to that:  Nope.....the $2 Treasure is the only one now.

Until next time, may all your scratchers be nothing but big winners. Big Grin

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