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Random Stuff from the Guy Whose Favorite Nascar Driver Finished 6th in Today's Race


Are there any Hell's Kitchen fans out there?  Watching the show is a guilty pleasure of mine.  I like watching Gordon Ramsay yell and go insane when chefs screw up something (but, personally, I couldn't handle all the yelling and screaming in my face).  I'll try not to spoil last week's episode in case there's anyone who hasn't watched it yet, but I'm rooting for Petrozza (I hope I got the spelling right.......if not, I sure as hell couldn't pass a contestant exam for Merv Griffin's Crosswords Razz ).  Oh yeah.......is it me, or do they mostly pick people who smoke to be on Hell's Kitchen (not intentionally by any means, though)?  It seems like the vast majority of contestants during the past few seasons of Hell's Kitchen smoke when they're in that "lounge" area.  I don't have a major  problem with it or anything.......it's just something I've noticed.

YAHOO!  Reed Sorenson finally got another top 10 finish.  Big Grin  I still think Reed's going somewhere else next year, though.  If he does, if I were Juan Pablo Montoya and Dario Franchitti, I'd dress like woman and child and get the hell off the Titanic called Chip Ganassi Racing with Felix Sabates.  If Tony Stewart leaves Joe Gibbs Racing and buys into Haas/CNC Racing and Ryan Newman goes with him (as rumored according to Jayski's Silly Season Site), I'd like to place a small wager Reed ends up in the #12 for Penske.  It's just a funny feeling I've got.....and, no, even if Reed leaves the 41, I have no plans on getting on my knees and begging Todd to let me change the 41 in my username to the new number. Razz

I finally have my bed up here in this new place, and boy does it beat sleeping on a mattress in the floor.  I've gotta get pictures of Miss Kitty up sometime, though, as I promised in a prior blog post (I might upload them after I post these random thoughts).  Life is almost back to normal.

Speaking of Miss Kitty, we've got a brand new sectional sofa in the living room, and Miss Kitty has done nothing but lay down on the ottoman, curl up on her side, and purr......all......bloody.....day.  But we all know one thing........she's been a happy cat all day......a happy-go-lazy (not lucky) cat.

Well.....that's all for my random thoughts.  Until next time, may all your lottery tickets be nothing but big winners. Smile

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Comment by Texas MadMan - June 30, 2008, 11:01 am
Hey Sorensenfan, your cat blog cracked me up. My wife and I have two cats and they both insist on water out of the faucet as well eventhough we bought them a fancy water bowl that circulates the water! Also, I've watched every episode of Hell's Kitchen this year. I caught a few last season and I really liked it so I've been watching. I hope Petrozza wins as well just because he seems like a geniuely nice guy. I think alot of people in the food industry smoke, but I'm not sure why that is. I just quit myself.......going on two weeks now! My wife and I are expecting and I don't want to smell like an ashtray to my kid. ALSO, I'm a huge NASCAR fan. My fave driver is Kasey Kahne. My wife and I like Kahne so much that we are naming our son Kasey. Yesterday's race was kind of funny, due to the rain all the best cars got shuffled up and some guys that weren't having the best day got up front at the end. I also thought it was pretty funny when McMurray rear-ended Junior going into the pits. It's not that I don't like Junior, I just get a kick out of seeing his fans get their feathers ruffled. Well, I guess that's it, I just had to respond to your blog because you hit on some topics that are pretty close to home for me :) Congrats on Sorenson's day yesterday.
Comment by sorensonfan41 - June 30, 2008, 1:48 pm
Yeah, Petrozza is a nice guy. I do believe, though, Jen and Matt should have been gone a LONG time ago and Bobby and Louross should have been around a little longer.

I'm one of those Jeff Gordon + Jimmie Johnson haters (I don't mind Dale and Casey, albeit I'm not as insanely crazy about them as I am with Reed). I'm also a Kyle Busch hater. You go Juan Pablo.....you just shoulda done it to where his car couldn't come back down and take you out as well. :-P

Heh.....I've heard about a bunch of people naming their children after Nascar drivers. I guess it's a new trend.

Oh, congrats on quitting smoking. Keep it up!

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