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More pictures of Miss Kitty + Small note on $100 wins and other stuff


Last Edited: July 6, 2008, 10:02 pm

I decided to take some more pictures of Miss Kitty today.....this time, some of her being lazy on the ottoman.

In this picture, you see that Miss Kitty has a funny way of being comfortable sometimes.  She sometimes will turn her head upside down and stretch out (and most of the time, when she does this, she's purring).

In this last one, Miss Kitty is like "What are you doing?"

Oh yeah, I couldn't resist rubbing her belly after taking those pictures.  She enjoyed it.....doing nothing but purring the whole time.

Lottery stuff:

I've mentioned that I've won $100 6 times on tickets.  Well, if you look at my blog posts, you'll only see 5.  That's because my 1st one came before I started taking pictures of big wins....and it was also when I started playing scratcher tickets on a regular basis.  This was July 2004, a few months after I graduated high school.  I had just gone to the 4th of July carnival at a local park......not having much luck on those thingamajigs that push quarters and other prizes toward you and move closer when you drop a quarter in one of 3 slots.  I had decided to call it quits.  Afterwards, we went to a store that I still frequent for my lotto runs (although I haven't done it in a while, since I've been going to that tobacco mart near a Goodwill store to do my lotto runs).  I had around $40 or $50.  I went in and bought $20 worth of tickets.  I don't remember all the tickets I purchased, but I know I bought some $2 Double Lucky 7s and a couple of a long-retired $2 ticket called Mad Money.

I scratched off the Double Lucky 7s.  On one of them, I hit double 7s in all 10 games for double all $1 prizes (for $20).  I thought, "Whoa....sweet!"  I had only a couple of $2 Mad Money tickets....the last 2 in the roll.  The first one was a loser.  The 2nd one........first, let me explain how Mad Money was played.  Mad Money had 2 tic-tac-toe-like games and a bonus box where you could win $20 if you got the correct symbol.  Well, in the 1st game, I hit $30.  In the 2nd, I hit $50.  In the bonus box, I got the correct symbol for $20.  That, folks, was my first $100 winner.

Here's a list of my biggest winners on each denomination of tickets the GA Lottery has and when (with a bunch of them being found in my blog posts):

$20:  $100 (see last blog post.....Thursday on a $20 GA Lottery 15th Anniversary Millionaire Extravaganza via $50 + $20 + 3 x $10)

$10:  $100 (all in blog posts......Feb. 2008 - Cash Explosion (5 x $10 + 10 x $5 via firecracker "win all"), another Cash Explosion (4 x "bill" $5), May 2008 - Cash Explosion (5 x $10 + 10 x $5 via firecracker "win all"))

$5:  $60 (in blog post.....May - $250K Cash (15 x $4 via truck "win all")

$3:  $40 (2005 - Barrel of Bucks1 (Buck $3 + $10))

$2:  $100 (2004, Mad Money - $50 + $30 + $20 bonus box)

$1:  $100 (in blog post....2005 - Junior Jumbo Bucks (Jumbo $20))

1Like with the $2 Money Bags (see 1st blog post for $80 winner, which, BTW, is the biggest win I've had on a $2 ticket since that Mad Money winner), I used to have a ton of luck on the $3 Barrel of Bucks.  I was constantly hitting $20 and $30 winners left and right (via Buck $2 and $3 respectively) on those.

Other stuff:

Bah bloody humbug......Reed Sorenson got caught up in The Big OneTM on the final lap in the Pepsi Coke Zero 400. Angry

Ah....peace at last after the crowds on Friday.  I was about to go crazy.

Speaking of Coke Zero......even though a Coke driver didn't win, everyone still gets a free 20 oz Coke Zero.  Find the site (I forgot the URL) and grab yourself one.  It's free (except for sales tax in most if not all cases).  Can't beat that.  Go get yourself a free drink.  C'mon, don't be shy. Hurray!

Until next time, may all your lottery tickets be nothing but big winners. Smile

Entry #23


Shawn67Comment by Shawn67 - July 6, 2008, 6:09 pm
Great race, crappy ending. Really sucked that Tony had to get out of the car. I felt he could've won last night.
Comment by sorensonfan41 - July 6, 2008, 6:11 pm
Yeah....that was unfortunate for Tony. Hopefully he'll feel better next Saturday night at Chicago.
jackpotismineComment by jackpotismine - July 7, 2008, 1:51 am
I like the pictures. The second one looks as though she's embarassed and covering her privates. Thanks for sharing and good luck on your scratchers. I think you should try different places for your scratchers. You might win even more. GOOD LUCK!
emilygComment by emilyg - July 7, 2008, 1:49 pm
Thanks for sharing. Miss Kitty.
konaneComment by konane - July 8, 2008, 7:34 am
Miss Kitty looks like she has the best life any cat could dream of!! She's beautiful. Also a huge congrats on your wins in this post plus all your others!!!

Have heard that when a cat sleeps with their head "upside down" it's a predictor of rain in your area within a couple of days. So for everyone who has cats they can be more accurate than the national weather service.

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