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The KACHING Report 7/11 + Notice concerning future scratcher predictions


Last Edited: July 11, 2008, 3:21 pm

First, I'll start with the little notice.  It's taking too much of my time to compile the odds and everything to do all the states (and all the scratchers in those states) that have lots of info on their scratchers.  From now on, I'm halting all scratcher predictions.  I may do a state if you request it......but, if you make a request, please be specific (e.g. $1 tickets, $5 tickets, state, etc.) and I'll see what I can do.  I can't guarantee a quick response, though.

Now, to the KACHING Report.....and it's a good one.


I went to that same ol' tobacco mart next to the Goodwill.  First thing I did was buy a $1 GA Lottery 15th Anniversary ticket......and the first thing I noticed was that all 5 of my numbers were the same.....which meant that they all matched the winning number......and all 5 of them were $3 each for $15.  Doesn't this sound familiar to me, or what?  I win $15.....take a $5 bill.....buy a $20 ticket.....and win $100.  I took that $15 winner and a $5 bill and bought a $20 ticket (a GA Lottery 15th Anniversary Millionaire Extravaganza.....same kind as the $100 winner from last week).  Guess what?  Didn't quite work out the same way. Skeptical  It was a dud.  I did hit $5 breakeven ($5) on a $5 Green and Gold, but my wallet got its butt whooped that day.  Oogle  I took one of the worst beatings on my wallet I had in a long time that day.  Don't worry......I'd make up for it slightly later on.


I took a $5 bill and decided to get 5 $1 Line 'Em Up tickets.  I wound up with 4 winners.....2 free tickets, $4 (2 x $2), and $2.  I cashed them in later and decided to try a couple of new tickets....a couple of the $3 Lotto South Cash and a $2 Wild Cherry Doubler.  I wound up with only a free ticket on a Lotto South Cash.


I took that free ticket and a $10 bill and bought a $3 Lotto South Cash and 5 $2 Wild Cherry Doubler tickets.  Actually.....they didn't have any Lotto South Cash out when I walked in.  I asked and the guy was more than happy to pull out a fresh new roll of them and handed me the 1st one.  It wound up being a $6 winner ($6).  I also hit a free ticket, $6 (6 x $1), and $3 ($3) on the Wild Cherry Doubler tickets.


We went out looking for bed frames.  A local thrift store didn't have one, so we went to that place that I've mentioned so many times.  Actually, my mother went into that place while I went a couple of doors down to that *other* place. Wink

I decided to start my slow playing out with a $3 Lotto South Cash (after cashing in yesterday's $17 worth of winners).  It was a dud.  Bought another one......and another dud.

(about 7 or so minutes later.....)

Bought another one (5th one).  Finally hit a winner.....$5 ($2 + 3 x $1).  I decided to switch routes and go to the $2 Wild Cherry Doubler.  It was a dud.  Bought the next one....and it was a $3 winner (Cherry $1 + $1).  I decided to switch over to the $1 GA Lottery 15th Anniversary.  First ticket....a dud.  The 2nd ticket.....

(get ready to slam on your brakes, folks)

......see for yourself.  Big Grin

I did buy me $10 more in tickets at another store later on.  Then it hit me.......today is July 11th......7-11......no wonder why I've been lucky so far today. Razz  My luck continued on those $10 worth of tickets.  I hit a free ticket on a $1 Junior Jumbo Bucks.  I bought 3 $2 Red Hot & Wild 7s and hit $3 ($2 + $1), a free ticket, and $7 (7 $1).  I also bought a $3 Lotto South Cash and won $5 ($5).  Each and every ticket was a winner.

The KACHING Meter for July 11th, the 7-11 day:  10.4

As Larry The Cable Guy would say in the Cars movie:

"I'm happier than a tornado in a trailer park!" Big Smile

Until next time, may all your tickets be nothing but big winners! Smile

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