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More thoughts and stuff that are more random than balls in a lotto machine


First ball out of my lotto machine brain.........19.99 (it's not all whole numbers in there Razz ):

For the first time in a long time, I had some buffalo chicken kickers from Domino's.  The reason is that my local Domino's jacked up the price of an order of kickers to $7.99.  With all the lotto wins I had recently, I decided to try that "Gotham City" deal where you get one of those "Gotham City" pizzas (basicly, a large pizza with extra pepperoni), a chicken item, and a bread item (I chose the cheesy bread) for $19.99 (plus tax and delivery....and yes, I always tip the delivery guy.....and the delivery guys around here know I tip well Wink ).  Normally, I just order a 10-inch 1-topping pizza for $5.99 and add 2 cups of hot sauce for another buck and use a coupon code for a free bread item and have it delivered (and it meets minimum order.......however, I recommend doing this online, as whoever is taking your order over the phone could interpret the minimum order rule differently (as in total of everything BEFORE delivery and tax has to be $8 (depending on area) or greater, compared to online where it's $8 (or whatever your area's minimum is) after tax and delivery charge)).  I actually had that happen to me once where they interpreted the minimum delivery differently than online ordering.

Second ball:  41

Man.....what happened to Reed Sorenson in Saturday night's race?

Speaking of Reed......he's supposedly gonna race next week's Nationwide Series race at Gateway....where he's won twice before (and won last year).  Hopefully he'll do well again this year if he races. Big Grin

Third ball:  20

I knew it was probably gonna happen from the get-go.  I knew Tony Stewart was probably gonna buy half of Haas-CNC Racing and head over there next year.  Now we shall see where all the others go soon.

Fourth ball:  JOB  (ok, so there's balls with words in the machine, too Razz )

I might have me a job soon.  I've been looking around for the past month with hardly any luck whatsoever.  I won't mention where due to certain personal reasons, though.

Fifth ball:  Miss Kitty

Awwww......she's being her lazy self as I type this.  She's curled up on top of my clothes drawer on top of some blankets that have been stuffed up there for right now.  I can hear her purring.......she's got her motor running.  I thought about taking another picture of her yesterday when she was up there and had her whole body, including her head, laying flat down with her eyes closed, and purring really loud.

....and the final ball for today's Midday Randommania drawing:  5

I think I've got 5 slices of pizza left from yesterday. Razz

(Ok.....I ran outta stuff after Miss Kitty.....I had to come up with something for the 6th ball. Razz )

If you have 19.99, 41, 20, JOB, Miss Kitty, and 5 in any order, a winner is you!  You win today's jackpot of 10,000 gallons of Niagra Falls!  If you matched 3 or more, you're also a winner....of a variety of half-eaten sandwiches for 3, a counterfeit $20 bill for 4, and 4 losing Lotto South Cash scratchers from last week for 5 of 6! Big Grin

I'm in a goofy mood today. Big Smile

Until next time, may all your tickets be nothing but big winners. Jester

Entry #27


konaneComment by konane - July 15, 2008, 10:50 am
Sounds like you're in a happy enough mood to win something really big! Hope so, good luck!!

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