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The KACHING Report 7/18


Oops....forgot to post this yesterday.  Razz


I bought 2 $2 Wild Cherry Doubler tickets and a $1 GA Lottery 15th Anniversary.  I only wound up with a free ticket on a Doubler.


After voting (if you had elections in your area Tuesday, I hope you got off your butt and voted Wink ), I went and bought 5 $1 GA Lottery 15th Anniversary tickets.  Wound up with 2 free tickets.


Went to that same ol' place again to slow play some scratchers.  Here's the list, in no particular order:

Free ticket on $1 Spicy 7s

Free ticket on $1 GA Lottery 15th Anniversary

2 $2 winners ($2 and 2 x $1) on 2 $1 GA Lottery 15th Anniversary

Free ticket on $3 Lotto South Cash

Free ticket on $5 Giant Jumbo Bucks

Free ticket on $5 $250K Cash

and finally, a $25 winner (5 x $2 + 15 x $1) on a $10 Jumbo Jumbo Bucks

The KACHING Meter for July 17th, 2008:  5.0

Profit-wise, it was a little bit of a loss of money, as I did hit duds when I was playing.

Oh yeah.......I did fulfill my prediction a while back in a previous blog post of hitting 10 (or more) losers in a row.  Sunday, while I was out getting groceries, I used that $2 free ticket and a $10 bill and bought 12 $1 Mini Mega Bucks.  Absolutely zippo....nothing....nada (and I double checked to be sure).  So, for those of you who read this blog........I am human. Razz  (That does mark the worst streak I've ever had on lottery tickets, though.......the previous was 11 duds in a row about 2 or 3 years ago on a $2 holiday-themed ticket.  On 2 or 3 occasions, I have hit 10 duds in a row.)

Oh well......can't always have 11 of 12 tickets be winners every time. Big Grin  (and that actually happened last year....between my mother and I, we bought 12 $2 Georgia Jackpot tickets......11 of the 12 tickets were winners......all were free tickets or breakevens except for one.....a Jackpot $2 for $10 which my mother got)

Until next time, may all your tickets be nothing but big winners. Jester

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