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The KACHING Report 8/1, new idea, + New GA Lottery Drawing set, machines, and graphics


Last Edited: August 1, 2008, 5:32 pm

Whew....tiring week on the job.  Saturday, I went to the Tobacco Mart near that Goodwill store again.  I started with the $1 tickets, starting from the worst overall odds (yes, worst) until I won something on all the tickets from worst to best overall odds for that price range of tickets.  I also did something else that I don't normally do in a slow playing run.......instead of buying 1 at a time, I bought 2 at a time.  It actually worked out well this time around.  Here's the list of winners, in the order that I hit them:

Free ticket on $1 Lucky 7s

Free ticket on $1 Junior Jumbo Bucks

Free ticket on $1 Super Blackjack

$10 on $1 Spicy 7s

Free ticket on $2 Jumbo Bucks Classic

Free ticket on $2 Red Hot & Wild 7s

2 back-to-back $7 winners ($2 + 5 x $1 and $7) on 2 $2 Cut The Deck

2 back-to-back $3 winners (3 x $1 and $2 + $1) on $2 Betty Boop

Free ticket and $4 back-to-back ($4 via 2 x $2) on $2 10X The Money

Free ticket on $2 Wild Cherry Doubler

and the big one.....$30 (Mega $2 + 2 x $10) on $3 Mighty Mega Bucks (see last blog post)

Prior to that, I did go to a store on the way down and cashed in a winner from last Friday (which was on last Friday's KACHING Report), got 2 more $1 Super Blackjack tickets, and hit $4 on one of them (4 x $1 via 21 "win all")

Today, I went to a store and bought myself 2 of the $5 Harley Davidson Rides & Riches tickets.  I wound up only winning a free ticket.

The KACHING Meter for August 1, 2008:  8.4

Profit-wise, it was a nice little profit, despite losing a few bucks today.

I saw something on YouTube today that gave me a bright idea.  *light bulb comes on in my head.....then immediately blows*  Do a search for a user by the name of "lotteryscratcher".  They're doing a couple of things that gave me ideas.  1....filming of winners and 2.......letting people decide what tickets to buy on a certain budget (in this user's case, it was $100).  I might do something like that in the future; however, it won't be with a $100 budget......more like $20 or something in that area.  My mother's digital camera has video capabilities, so I might experiment with them and post 'em on YouTube if possible.

Ya know........I might do this for next week's KACHING Report or my next lotto run (which might be later this evening when I go grocery shopping and go somewhere to cash in my Harley free ticket -- any winners from this evening will be added to the 8.4, FYI).  Take a look at GA Lottery's web site and pick out $20 (or less) worth of instant scratcher games and leave a comment for this blog post.  I'll randomly choose one idea and go with it as far as I can go (because some stores may not have a particular ticket....I'll try to buy what I can from the selected list).

There is a catch for this if this becomes a regular thing......if the GA Lottery releases new instant games, I might hold off on doing a list of scratchers until the next lotto run or I might put in a stipulation when I ask for a list that the list must contain at least 1 each of the new games (unless a new $20 game has been released....then I'll ask for at least 1 of the new games).....because I like to try out new games when they first come out.

Oh yeah....for the GA folks out there.....did anyone notice the new Cash 3/4 draw machines, new set, new music, and new graphics for GA Lottery's drawings?  I love 'em.  It's a change long overdue, IMO.

Until next time, may all your scratchers be nothing but big winners. Big Grin

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