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The KACHING Report 8/22 (and the missing 8/15)


The reason I didn't post a KACHING Report last week was because my luck went down the toilet.  I didn't meet the $30 worth of winners requirement for me to post it that week.  I'll include it with this one, though.

The 8/15 KACHING:


$2 (2 x $1) on $2 Georgia Jackpot


$3 ($3) on $2 Win It All

2 free tickets on 2 $2 Win It All

The KACHING Meter for 8/15 was a 0.9 -- not good at all....both winner-wise and profit-wise.  I also didn't buy very many tickets last week, either......because of being busy with work and other stuff.

The 8/22 KACHING:


I decided to buy $10 worth of tickets.  I bought 3 $1 5-Star, 2 $1 GA Lottery 15th Anniversary, and a $5 Red Hot Numbers.  I wound up hitting $2 ($2) and a free ticket on 2 of the 5-Star tickets.  I hit a free ticket on a GA Lottery 15th Anniversary ticket.  The big one, however, was the Red Hot Numbers.  On the 16th day of August, I hit all 16 numbers for $1 each for $16.


A friend of mine was supposed to come over and we were supposed to hang out, go out, eat lunch, and do some other stuff.  However, at 10 AM, he called me and he sounded really sick.......and he was.  So, out went those plans. Unhappy  About 10 minutes after the call, I had a thought........I needed to do some more work on a family member's computer to get it back into great shape again (it was running decently after the 1st bit of work....but it could have used more).  So, I called her up and she came to pick me up.  I asked if she would drop me by a store to cash in those $20 worth of winners from Saturday....and she said she didn't mind.

I go into the store and buy 5 $1 5-Star tickets and take the rest in cash.  On the 1st one, I hit $10 ($10).  On the last one, I hit $15 ($15).  $25 off of 5 $1 tickets......never had 2 nice winners that close on $1 tickets before (as far as I can remember).  We went to another store (because she needed something and that store didn't have it......can't remember what, though) and I cashed in those tickets and bought 3 $1 5-Star and 2 $1 GA Lottery 15th Anniversary and took the rest in cash.  I wind up hitting $2 ($2) on a 15th Anniversary and end up hitting a $2 ($2) and $3 ($3) winner on 2 of the 5-Star tickets.  I decided to let that $7 ride and bought 2 $2 Win It All and 3 $1 15th Anniversary tickets from another roll (they had 2 rolls going).  I wound up with a free ticket on a Win It All and 2 free tickets on 2 of the 15th Anniversary tickets.  I get more tickets and wound up with nothing.  Profit-wise.......it was a very good day. Thumbs Up


Not much luck today.  I wound up with a free ticket and $2 (2 x $1) on 2 $1 5-Star tickets and a free ticket and $3 (3 x $1) on a couple of $2 Georgia Jackpot tickets.  I let those winners ride and wound up with nothing.  It was a $10 loss overall.  *shrugs shoulders*

The KACHING Meter for August 22, 2008:  6.4

I do have good news, though.  I might be going to my favorite place to slowplay tickets tomorrow (and where I hit that $30 Mighty Mega Bucks winner a few weeks ago).  So.......hopefully I'll wind up with a nice winner or two. Big Grin

Work has been a little tiring......but it's making me money....and getting tired is kinda part of having a job, so I guess you could say things have been normal. Razz

Well.......I've gotta get going here soon.  My mom's car is needing some work, so we're going to drop it off.  If another car we have isn't being used or needed tomorrow, that's when we might head down to the Goodwill and all that good stuff down there.

Until next time, may all your tickets win you a few bucks. Smile

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