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My Lottery Story


I'm not sure that any one is interested but here it is anyway. I'm sure that all of us have a "story."

The very first time I played any kind of lottery at all was on spring break my sophomore year in college. The plan was to go to Washinton DC but that was the year of that horrible blizzard and I ended up in West Palm Beach Florida. I bought 3 tickets for the Florida lottery and got 3 of them on one line. I don't remember how much I won but I think it was somewhere around $10. Georgia got the lottery the next year. As soon as they introduced their pick six I started playing $5 each week. I never got more than 3 numbers. After a few months of this I stopped playing. In 1995 I got a job at a convience store. I had left school. There was a guy who came into my store all the time and would get between $5 and $10 worth of Cash 3 tickets. This was when the Cash 3 was only in the evening. One day the guy came in and there was a long long line for the lottery. He handed me his pay slips and told me to run them through when I had a chance and he would be back to get them later. Well he did come back to tell me that he had gone to another store and had purchased his tickets elsewhere. I was furious because that meant that I would have to buy the tickets. Well guess what. One of the numbers he had picked won $40. He came back in the next day and wanted his tickets back. I wouldn't give them to him. What is really funny is that when he went to the other store he had changed his numbers and didn't get a thing.

I didn't play too much after that until I got transferred to another store. At this store several people played the Cash 3 regularly. It kind of became a contest to see who was doing the best at picking numbers. This customer came in one day when I was complaining about losing so much and gave me a workout. It worked enough that I actually made more money than I lost. Now I am not talking riches here. This particular workout would give you 8 combinations, all of which I played $.50 box. I would usually hit about every 6th draw or so. So I was making a big whopping $10-$15 on the draws I won. This workout doesn't work now and hasn't for a while. I left that store at the end of 1998 and again didn't play the lottery for several years.  

I started playing the Cash 3 again in May of 2002. I have related the story in a thread "Anyone get numbers from kids" in the mystical forum. For about 6 months I would get one number from my daughter. I would play this number comboed each draw until it fell. We basically lived off the lottery at that time. After 6 months my daughter quit giving me numbers and I started playing my own numbers. Pretty much in the same way but I never hit on any of my numbers and gave up. It was also during this time that I came the closest I have ever come to picking the Fantasy Five numbers.  

Since November of 2002  I have gone in spurts playing the lottery. I have hit the Cash 3 a few times, always boxed. I am just too chicken to play my numbers strait. I have also hit the Fantasy 5 several times for 3 numbers and a few times for 4 numbers. The reason that I say that the time I got 4 numbers in 2002 was the closest is because I knew the number that wasn't going to fall. Just a gut feeling. My husband tried to get me to go and get every combination with the 4 numbers I "knew" were going to fall but I didn't do it. Oh well. Now I am working on the Fantasy Five again. I figure if I can come as close as I have, I can one day get it. I suppose we shall see. 

Entry #3


Comment by Rip Snorter - June 9, 2005, 9:59 am
Interesting anecdote. Thanks for sharing it.

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