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August 3, 2005, 8:20 pmMore Busy days

Oh my. Have I been running the last several days. I dropped my hubby off Monday at the airport to go to AK. I really haven't had time to miss him just yet. Isn't that bad?

I did alot of packing yesterday. Got a whole bunch of stuff into storage as well as getting several boxes ready to be shipped out.

Today I had to do alot of other running around. Got some boxes at the grocery store. Then took both the babies to the doctor. My daughter had to get 3 shots and then my son had to get 4. I was about ready to cry.

Well I gotta run again. Man am I ever missing this place. -Bonnie

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July 28, 2005, 7:54 pmBusy day

Man, oh man, was today ever busy. Hubby and I went to see a lawyer to get last details of our will ironed out. Want to be sure that if anything happens to us that the right people are taking care of our kids. After that we took the last family portrait which is going to include all 5 of us. Step-daughter is now 18 and in school and has decided to stay in GA at least until she finishes her post secondary education. Can't say that I blame her there.

Did some other last minute errands that needed to be taken care of and now I am exhausted.

Tomorrow we are heading to Atlanta to do some more need to be done things before hubby leaves. He is leaving Monday. Crying

 Well I need to run now and take care of a few more things and then hit the hay. -Bonnie

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July 26, 2005, 8:33 amAlaska or Bust

Well I have been working my heiny off trying to get things ready for the most major move of my life. I want to have all the stuff that I am storing packed up before my husband leaves so that he can go ahead and put it into storage before he leaves. He is leaving either the 1st of 2nd so he's got about another week.

I have just about everything ready to go. Also yesterday I went through the kids' clothes and got rid of all the stuff that is too small. I went ahead and packed their winter clothes up in their large suit cases. Each of us has a large suit case and my daughter and I have a set which includes a small suitcase and carry on bag as well. I still need to purchase a small suitcase for my son and I'm gonna let him use a backpack for his carryon stuff.

As soon as the hubby leaves, I'm going to put an ad in the paper to go ahead and try to sell all of our stuff (furniture). And I am going to start packing up all the stuff that needs to be shipped. Most of the shipping is going to be via USPS.

There is so much to do and I am about to have a fit. Oh well in less than two months I will be in my new home in Alaska and all this will be over. Will update later. 

Sorry guys, I'm not posting too much right now. Just don't have the time. In fact I haven't really even been playing the lottery at all, save for a few quik piks here and there. -Bonnie 

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July 5, 2005, 3:50 pmMore F5

I was given some input by a fellow LP member about my F5 attempts. This information was totally awesome. It involves looking at the highest number to determine the pattern which was going to follow for the next draws. Now I do believe that by looking at the highest number which fell and paying attention to the pattern of that draw I can come pretty close to making a pretty well educated guess at to what the next set of numbers might be based on what the highest number in the set was, for example if the number 39 fell on a particular day the last number in the next set is going to be something close to 39. Most likely somewhere between 35 and 38.

By looking at the pattern again, if the 4th number was also in the thirties, chances are that the pattern will repeat. This will give me an idea of what the lowest number is. As in the higher the highest number, the higher in most cases the lowest number is. Now here is a new twist. Once you can figure out what the lowest number might be you can get a good idea of what the second number is by adding either 1 or 5 to the lowest number.  Going from June 1 to the present which is 34 draws, the second number was either 1 or 5 higher than the 1st number. Like if the lowest number was 7 the next number is probably an 8 or 12. This was the case in 14 of the 34 draws or 41% of the time. You can decide whether you want to go up 1 or 5 by looking at the past draws. I would not go back farther than 10.

The last thing I would like to add to this is that while looking at the number of times any particular number has fallen in the last 10 draws, very often (I'm not sure the percentage of times but I do think it is a little over 50%) there will be one number in the combination which has been out for the previous 10 draws. This will give you one set of numbers in which to pick one of the numbers in the current combination you will be playing.

I will add some charts to show what I am referring to  with respect to the highest and lowest numbers. But I just don't have time today. Possibly tomorrow. -Bonnie

PS I just noticed that the abbreviation I used to Fantasy Five was F5. The F5 key is the reload or "repeat" key. Hmmmmmm... 

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July 5, 2005, 12:27 amFantasy Five

Ok it is after midnight and my kids won't go to bed. I am such a horrible mom at times. My husband got them tanked up on Diet Coke tonight even though he knows that I don't like for them to have any caffeine after 4 pm. Guess we will be sleeping in tomorrow.

Here's the numbers I am playing for the week on GA Fantasy Five.


I'm playing these 'til Friday. I used Todd's abreviated 3 if 5 of 10 wheel to obtain my 2 combos so I am not going to post them here. All I gotta say is for those of you who haven't obtained your premium membership, I totally recomend it. You just wouldn't believe all the information available once you do. -Bonnie 

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July 1, 2005, 8:42 pmThe end is near

Rip Snorter posted a rather intelligent blog entry about things going on here in the states and what the future holds for those of us in the younger generation. I made a reply that I did not feel that things could continue on the way that they are currently and that we are on the brink of collapse. To which LottoMike asked me what I thought would happen. Because I don't want to take over Jack's blog, I figured it best that I write my thoughts here.

The first thing that is going to bring about this collapse is we are going to lose the war on terror. We are not going to lose because our military is unprepared or are prosecuting the war in an ill manner. But we are going to lose this war the same way we lost Vietnam. Not to get into the justice or injustice of the war, the fact of the matter is, we got involved in the war and we should have won it. But the reason we lost the war, by the admission of the North Vietnamese general who was in charge of prosecuting the war on the opposite side, was the media in this country turned public opinion against the war, against winning the war and even against exiting the war with some symbolance of honor. The media in this country and the leftists on college campuses were against the Vietnamization of the war and giving the South Vietnamese the tools necessary to at least try to win. They would accept nothing less than a communist victory in Vietnam.

A prime example of this is the Tet offensive of 1969. The Tet offensive was a smashing victory for the US military. The NVA and the Viet Cong started the offensive to destroy key military bases. The end result was the total decimation of the Viet Cong. They simply ceased to be an effective fighting force. It took two years for the NVA to fully recover from the loss. But yet Walter Cronkite (sp?) and his ilk continued to pound the notion into Americans' heads that we had been resoundly defeated. This began to show up in the morale of the troops who were already at a low point. Alot of them decided what was the point of trying to win a battle only to die in that battle for what they believed was no reason. My husband was in the Army at a time when there were still a few Vietnam Veterans left. And these men stated that they wouldn't even fight to save a buddy. They were more interested in fighting to save their own lives. (These admissions would only come about during some of their drinking binges.) That is a totally demoralized Army and it is completely the fault of the media, politicians, and know it all college students who only sought to gain power for themselves (ie the Clintons and Kerry) at the expense of the American Miltary and its people.

Compare the coverage of the War on Terror today and the war coverage of Vietnam. Every car bomb is covered in intimate detail. Every slight misstep or embarrassing moment is relentlessly printed on the front page of the New York Times. Abu Graib has been on the New York Times front page a total of 144 times THIS YEAR. Guantanamo is depicted by socialist democrats and the liberal media as being 5 degrees harsher than Auschwitz. Nothing could be further from the truth. Gitmo is a freaking health club compared to the basic training my husband recieved. The hate America crowd actually wants these murderers to be treated better than a raw marine recruit. How sick is that? And when was the last time you heard any of the good things which have happened in Iraq? Like the election "that would never take place" according to Ted (how long does it take a woman to drown) Kennedy. But the election took place and the voter turnout was better than here in our own country and we don't have to dodge bullets to get to the polls (yet).  When was the last time you heard about the schools which have been opened or the hospitals which have been restored or the fact that the electricity in Bagdad has been on for quite some time and is more reliable now than when Sadam Husein was in power. But according to Robert (KKK) Byrde, none of these things would ever take place. But ask the soldiers who return. The liberal media, the socialist democrats, and the left wing collectivists in this country have only one thing on their mind. Destroy Bush like they destroyed Nixon and reduce the power and prestige of the US to enhance the position of their beloved Europeand UN. Hoping to increase their own power, prestige and priveledge in this country even if it means putting us and our children in peril.

Now on to the rest of the collapse. After our capitulation in the War on Terror, the rest of the world will see us in the same way that Osama Bin Laden saw us after Mogadishu. He said, and I quote, "The Americans have no resolve to win a fight. As soon as they see the casualty lists, they will cut and run. America has become a paper tiger." Because of Mogadishu and Kosovo and the trial of the terrorists of the first World Trade Center attack under Clinton, Osama Bin Laden decided to attack the US with a more devastating blow. China will see us as a non threat just as much if not more than Osama see us. They will move in and take Taiwain. The South Koreans will trust no help will come from the US facing a nuclear North Korea and they will negotiate with North Korea to reunify as a communist nation. Japan will have no choice but to join into the geopolitical and economic power block of Greater China and Korea. I have no small suspicion of the likelyhood of India joining this block as well. This will create an industrial behemoth which America will not be able to compete with due to extremely cheap slave labor and Lord forbid, the US signing the Koyoto accord.

On the second front, within the borders of the US, we are already in the beginnings of the most dire economic times of our entire history. The huge debt created by insane spending of the Federal Government, by both Republican and Democrat politicians will hang a yoke of financial oppression on our necks and our childrens necks which will create a cascade effect, trickle down if you will, that will result in the total economic collapse of the US within what my husband and I figure will be about 50 years. Add to that, the Chinese hegenomy. It will bring about the economic collapse within 20 years. Either way we are going broke. We are spending our way into the ash heap of history. Lenin once said, "Capitalism will sell us the rope that we will use to hang it."

We just witnessed the demise of the right to property. Any developer who's thrown thirty pieces of silver to some local potentate can now take your property at will and use that property for whatever scheme he sees fit all under the auspices of increasing the tax revenue or business development. The right to your property, be it real or chattel, is a right that we are born with. We have always been born with it. Every person on this planet is born with certain inalienable rights. What made us different from every other country on the planet is those rights were written down and our government told by us, "you can't have this!" But 5 collectivist liberal judges who claim to be the champions of the little guy not only tore up the 5th amendment, but they also burned the Magna Carta and wiped their hindends with the Mayflower compact. It took us well over 500 years of fighting and clawing to finally get a government of the people, for the people, by the people not the other way around. You just can't comprehend what we lost last week by what was taken away by 5 unelected, self absorbed, wannabe land barons. I suggest, if you do win some lottery jackpot sometime, don't invest in property. Try gold, silver, dehydrated foods and a good book on canning.

One last thing, the state of the education system in this country does not deserve even the word dismal. Collectivists in this country have sought to do nothing less than to completely do away with the individual and create a mentality of dependence. There is nothing more potent in killing a vampire than to drive a stake through its heart. Collectivists (read that: Socialist Democrats), fear independant, self reliant individuals as much as the Count fears the stake and sunlight.  Since the creation of the federal department of education, the intelligence, self reliance and mental stamina of our children has diminshed every year. Colleges are having to create more and more catch up programs to prepare the validictorians of our public high schools for their college careers. Some colleges have made these double "0" courses manditory for graduates of certain public school systems. Not all of the glory for this can be heaped onto the school system. Parents, in their attempt to give their children material wealth have sacrifised the spiritual wealth which they had inherited from their parents. How long do you think we can compete in technology, engineering and science when high school graduates can't plot a simple xy equasion but can tell you six different ways to put on a condom and who was the runnerup in last years American Idol?

Once America goes, and it will go, the smug Europeans have maybe two years before they are gone. And once the Chinese have noone to sell to, they will go. The world will be thrust into a time which will make the dark ages appear to be a 12 million candle beacon compared to what we are facing.

Now you guys may wonder why I bother playing the lottery in the hope that I will win some jackpot. Well there are two reasons. First, I hope I'm wrong. Second, if I'm not wrong, I want to enjoy my good fortune for as long as I can. I plan to use that money to get me as far away from any major populace as I possibly can. Oh, and I do have my eye on a good book on canning. I hear that dried bean futures are the way to go.  

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June 24, 2005, 12:55 amWhat would it solve, really?

Here I am, second night in a row and I can't get to sleep. Last night it was after 1 am before I was able to drift off to la la land. And none of my wakefulness is in any way connected to the lottery or the fact that I haven't hit squat in the longest time. But I have done some thinking about the current problems going on with my situation and whether or not winning some major jackpot would solve these problems or not.

First off I should count the blessings that I have now. I believe in God and I consider myself to be "born again." That alone makes the current situation seem much less insurmountable than it would have a few years ago. Second I have a wonderful husband who loves me with all his heart. I have two wonderful children, the most wonderful in the world in my opinion. I also have a pretty cool step-daughter.

I have two nieces and a nephew who are wonderful kids too, second only to my own. LOL. I have one brother with whom I get along famously for the most part. Not that we haven't had a few squabbles but they have been rare. This brother is married to a great lady whom I think is the best thing that ever happened to him. We also get along for the most part. I have a second sister in law who is also my best friend. I feel that she has been loyal every since we started hanging around together which was about 17 years ago. I have a wonderful cousin who has taken me under her wing since my mom was killed.

Other more material blessings include my home and my great land lords. They are the greatest. Don't hear that too often, huh? There is always food in my pantry. There are enough clothes in my closet. Financially, we are not the best off but we aren't really suffering too bad either. We have been able to pay off 20k in debt in the last 2 years. And I am sure that we will be completely debt free within 5 years or less if we continue on this track. This is without a lottery win of any substance.  

Now for the curses and how I think a lottery win would take care of them. My first curse is smoking. I have always said that one of the first things I would do if I won a decent jackpot is to undergo hynosis to quit. This doesn't mean I would but I would still have more money to look for several different ways to do this. I just don't have the will power to go cold turkey. I would be able to buy a house rather than continuing to rent. I would be able to buy my dream car (Volvo x80). I would be able to move out of this God forsaken county I live in. The hubby and I are discussing either Alaska or Tennessee. I would be able to send my kids to a private school. I would be able to have a surgery which I need.

The last thing a lottery win would do would allow me to be able to get away from the influence of my middle brother once and for all. 99% of my problems stem back to this horrible piece of humanity. I am convinced that he is possessed by the devil. And it seems that no matter what I do to try and get him out of my life, he seems to find a way to finagle his way back in. The latest piece of his handy work involved him trying to implicate my husband in some illegal activity. And I have won a trip to court Monday concerning this mess. Brother number 3 is furious with me for trying to protect my husband rather than brother number 2. What a big mess.

I think that the vast majority of this will be accomplished even if I don't win a big jackpot but i do think that a big jackpot would allow me to take care of everything now. I'm not too patient. Now I just need for God to lead me to the correct set of numbers.

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June 21, 2005, 7:22 pmI am so stoked

I am so happy. I finally got my premium membership. I am just itching to get ahold of some of the options available to premium members. I have already done a few number searches and I am already happy with what I have found. I'm going to play around some more before I am booted off the computer by someone here at the house.

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June 18, 2005, 11:29 amI got a brain storm

list 1  list 2  list 3  list 4 
 012  013 014  015 
 016  017 018  019 
 023  024  025 026 
 027  028  029  034
 035  036  037  038
 039  045  046  047
 048  049  056  057
 058  059  067  068
 069  078  079  089
 123  124  125  126
 127  128  129  134
 135  136  137  138
 139  145  146  147
 148  149  156  157
 158  159  167  168
 169  178  179  189
 234  235  236  237
 238  239  245  246
 247  248  249  256
 257  258  259  267
 268  269  278  279
 289  345  346  347
 348  349  356  357
 358  359  367  368
 369  378  379  389
 456  457  458  459
 467  468  469  478
 479  489  567  568
 569  578  579  589
 678  679 689  789 

I got an idea from a poster today. Angeleyes listed 42 numbers and there seems to be pretty steady hits from that list. What I am thinking is that if you take the 120 single digit pick 3 numbers and divide them into 3 to 5 groups,(I've decided to work with 4 groups of 30) any one of these groups will have hits in any given week. The trick I think is going to be in rotating the groups and of course the filtering. If anyone else has already come up with this idea, don't tell me. I want to feel like I am such a genius. Anyway I am going to be looking at this. And see what I come up with.  Oh yeah I'm not forgetting about the Fantasy 5. I'm just not feeling the time is right for it just yet. -Bonnie

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June 13, 2005, 10:06 pmTrying something

I have noticed that while picking numbers for the Fantasy Five in my state my numbers have come closer fo falling in LottoSouth. Now I'm not talking all six numbers but 2 or 3 which is better than what I'm doing with my Fantasy Five numbers. Anywho, I am thinking that maybe, just maybe I should play my Fantasy Five picks on the LottoSouth and add a number in the 40's to the group. Who knows what wonderful things may occur from this little excercise. -Bonnie

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June 11, 2005, 8:56 pmNew Numbers

Well for the next week I am giving up my statistical analysis for "gut" picks. These numbers I have picked all have some sort of significance to me. #1.) My lucky number. #2.) My step-daughter's birthday. #3.) A number in a recurring dream I have. #4.) Another number in a recurring dream. #5.) My son's birthday. I will be playing these numbers for the Fantasy Five and the Lotto South tonight. I will also be adding #6.) A number my daughter keeps repeating over and over. Everytime I have shown her the sets of numbers I have picked for the Fantasy Five, she keeps asking me, "Where is the XX?" She has really been stuck on this number for a while so I am thinking that maybe she is trying to tell me something. I just realised, also, that the last number is my husband's age. I don't want to list the actual numbers here. Since all these numbers are special to me. Scared I am going to jinx them or something. Wouldn't that be something that I have spent all this time off and on trying to find the perfect way to predict the combinations about to come up and then win on these "special" numbers? -Bonnie

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June 9, 2005, 4:51 pmRandom Thoughts

My little 4 year old daughter comes to me at least once a day and says, "Mommy, ask me a question." I am not quite sure just what started this but I try my best to oblige her. Often the question I ask is mundane. It may be something along the lines of, "What is your favorite color?" This changes on a fairly regular basis so it is quite possible that it is not as mundane as one might first think. Other questions I might ask her are, "Why is the sky blue?" or "Why is grass green?" More often than not, she will counter these particular questions by repeating the same back to me. "Why is  the sky blue, Mommy?" she will ask. At that point, I try my best to phrase my answers in ways that I feel she can understand with out misleading her. She understands that the sun makes light and that the light from the sun is all the colors in the rainbow. I have shown her how a pencil appears to be broken when you put it in a glass of water and that is exactly what happens when the sunlight hits our atmosphere, bending the light so that it appears that the sky is blue. She thinks I am a genius because I know these things.

Last night, after dinner, she came to me and told me to ask her a question. My husband had never heard her do this because he works so much. Just for the fun of it and maybe because I have been playing with the lottery numbers a bit lately, I asked her, "Why doesn't God let Mommy win the lottery?" She replied to me, "God doesn't do that. You have to do that." I have to agree with her in alot of ways.

I am reminded of the story of the man who drowned in the flood. I am sure that most have heard this. At first the water is only a few inches high and someone comes along in a car offering to give him a lift out of there.  He declines saying that God will rescue him. Later he is up on his porch and somone comes along in a boat offering to take him away. Again, he declines for the same reason. Lastly, he is on the roof of his house and a helicopter comes along offering to lift him away. He still declines saying that God will rescue him. Well he drowns. When he gets to heaven he asks God why he didn't save him. God tells him, "I sent you a car, a boat and a helicopter. What more do you want me to do?"

I understand that if it is in God's plan for me to hit a jackpot, it will happen. At the same time I feel that I should do my part and come up with the best possible numbers for each drawing. In the same way that if God has it in his plans for me to be a doctor, I will still have to go to school and obtain the necessary degrees. I won't become a doctor by sitting on my hind end. And I don't believe that I will win a jackpot by sitting on my hind end either. I could be wrong.

With that being said, the newest things I have learned concerning the GA Fantasy Five is this: When you look at the previous ten draws of any particular combination and you find out how many times each number has fallen previously more often than not the numbers will have either not fallen at all or will have only fallen once. Mixed in with those 0's and 1's are a few 2's and 3's and very very rarely a 4. I haven't come across a number that has fallen more than 4 times in the previous 10 draws. I feel this is a break through and that this is what is going to get me the right set eventually.

With this in mind I have come up with these combinations:

02-07-11-20-32; 06-13-16-22-31

These are the only two that I have been able to come up with for the time being but lets see what happens, huh? 

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June 8, 2005, 5:19 pmFantasy Five Test

Ok looking at past drawings I have come up with a few numbers for tonight. They are:


And a few combinations:

05-06-15-23-35; 05-07-12-31-33; 05-15-20-30-33; 06-07-15-18-33; 06-12-22-23-35; 06-15-22-30-39; 06-18-23-30-31; 07-18-26-31-39; 12-23-30-31-39; 15-22-31-33-35.

My advice, don't play these.  

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June 8, 2005, 3:19 pmMy Lottery Story

I'm not sure that any one is interested but here it is anyway. I'm sure that all of us have a "story."

The very first time I played any kind of lottery at all was on spring break my sophomore year in college. The plan was to go to Washinton DC but that was the year of that horrible blizzard and I ended up in West Palm Beach Florida. I bought 3 tickets for the Florida lottery and got 3 of them on one line. I don't remember how much I won but I think it was somewhere around $10. Georgia got the lottery the next year. As soon as they introduced their pick six I started playing $5 each week. I never got more than 3 numbers. After a few months of this I stopped playing. In 1995 I got a job at a convience store. I had left school. There was a guy who came into my store all the time and would get between $5 and $10 worth of Cash 3 tickets. This was when the Cash 3 was only in the evening. One day the guy came in and there was a long long line for the lottery. He handed me his pay slips and told me to run them through when I had a chance and he would be back to get them later. Well he did come back to tell me that he had gone to another store and had purchased his tickets elsewhere. I was furious because that meant that I would have to buy the tickets. Well guess what. One of the numbers he had picked won $40. He came back in the next day and wanted his tickets back. I wouldn't give them to him. What is really funny is that when he went to the other store he had changed his numbers and didn't get a thing.

I didn't play too much after that until I got transferred to another store. At this store several people played the Cash 3 regularly. It kind of became a contest to see who was doing the best at picking numbers. This customer came in one day when I was complaining about losing so much and gave me a workout. It worked enough that I actually made more money than I lost. Now I am not talking riches here. This particular workout would give you 8 combinations, all of which I played $.50 box. I would usually hit about every 6th draw or so. So I was making a big whopping $10-$15 on the draws I won. This workout doesn't work now and hasn't for a while. I left that store at the end of 1998 and again didn't play the lottery for several years.  

I started playing the Cash 3 again in May of 2002. I have related the story in a thread "Anyone get numbers from kids" in the mystical forum. For about 6 months I would get one number from my daughter. I would play this number comboed each draw until it fell. We basically lived off the lottery at that time. After 6 months my daughter quit giving me numbers and I started playing my own numbers. Pretty much in the same way but I never hit on any of my numbers and gave up. It was also during this time that I came the closest I have ever come to picking the Fantasy Five numbers.  

Since November of 2002  I have gone in spurts playing the lottery. I have hit the Cash 3 a few times, always boxed. I am just too chicken to play my numbers strait. I have also hit the Fantasy 5 several times for 3 numbers and a few times for 4 numbers. The reason that I say that the time I got 4 numbers in 2002 was the closest is because I knew the number that wasn't going to fall. Just a gut feeling. My husband tried to get me to go and get every combination with the 4 numbers I "knew" were going to fall but I didn't do it. Oh well. Now I am working on the Fantasy Five again. I figure if I can come as close as I have, I can one day get it. I suppose we shall see. 

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June 5, 2005, 7:31 pmHmmmm

My kids are singing happy birthday because the light fixture in our kitchen went out and we ate dinner by candle light. My son, who is 3, wanted to know whose birthday it is. It isn't anyones' birthday here at my house but I told him that I was sure that it was someones' birthday somewhere so now they are singing "Happy Birthday" for all the people who have birthdays today. Kids, huh?

Anyways to my little Fantasy Five stuff. I have not bothered t uncover any more statistics today as I was a bit tired. However I see that my numbers couldn't have been much farther from what was. The only number I managed to guess was the 20. Good thing I didn't spend any money on it. So what am I thinking of tonight. Hmmmm...


By the way I may have just stumbled onto a system for the Cash 3. I have found over the past week or so that when I pick 10 numbers none of them fall. So maybe I should start posting my predictions on Lotterypost with the disclaimer that my numbers should NOT be played under any circumstances. I wonder what the longest run of 0% with constistent predictions is.  

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