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More F5


I was given some input by a fellow LP member about my F5 attempts. This information was totally awesome. It involves looking at the highest number to determine the pattern which was going to follow for the next draws. Now I do believe that by looking at the highest number which fell and paying attention to the pattern of that draw I can come pretty close to making a pretty well educated guess at to what the next set of numbers might be based on what the highest number in the set was, for example if the number 39 fell on a particular day the last number in the next set is going to be something close to 39. Most likely somewhere between 35 and 38.

By looking at the pattern again, if the 4th number was also in the thirties, chances are that the pattern will repeat. This will give me an idea of what the lowest number is. As in the higher the highest number, the higher in most cases the lowest number is. Now here is a new twist. Once you can figure out what the lowest number might be you can get a good idea of what the second number is by adding either 1 or 5 to the lowest number.  Going from June 1 to the present which is 34 draws, the second number was either 1 or 5 higher than the 1st number. Like if the lowest number was 7 the next number is probably an 8 or 12. This was the case in 14 of the 34 draws or 41% of the time. You can decide whether you want to go up 1 or 5 by looking at the past draws. I would not go back farther than 10.

The last thing I would like to add to this is that while looking at the number of times any particular number has fallen in the last 10 draws, very often (I'm not sure the percentage of times but I do think it is a little over 50%) there will be one number in the combination which has been out for the previous 10 draws. This will give you one set of numbers in which to pick one of the numbers in the current combination you will be playing.

I will add some charts to show what I am referring to  with respect to the highest and lowest numbers. But I just don't have time today. Possibly tomorrow. -Bonnie

PS I just noticed that the abbreviation I used to Fantasy Five was F5. The F5 key is the reload or "repeat" key. Hmmmmmm... 

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