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Alaska or Bust


Well I have been working my heiny off trying to get things ready for the most major move of my life. I want to have all the stuff that I am storing packed up before my husband leaves so that he can go ahead and put it into storage before he leaves. He is leaving either the 1st of 2nd so he's got about another week.

I have just about everything ready to go. Also yesterday I went through the kids' clothes and got rid of all the stuff that is too small. I went ahead and packed their winter clothes up in their large suit cases. Each of us has a large suit case and my daughter and I have a set which includes a small suitcase and carry on bag as well. I still need to purchase a small suitcase for my son and I'm gonna let him use a backpack for his carryon stuff.

As soon as the hubby leaves, I'm going to put an ad in the paper to go ahead and try to sell all of our stuff (furniture). And I am going to start packing up all the stuff that needs to be shipped. Most of the shipping is going to be via USPS.

There is so much to do and I am about to have a fit. Oh well in less than two months I will be in my new home in Alaska and all this will be over. Will update later. 

Sorry guys, I'm not posting too much right now. Just don't have the time. In fact I haven't really even been playing the lottery at all, save for a few quik piks here and there. -Bonnie 

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LANTERNComment by LANTERN - July 26, 2005, 10:04 pm
You and your husband going to Alaska ? What's there for you all ? Kind of cold, No ?
Good luck to you all !
atlasshruggedComment by atlasshrugged - July 28, 2005, 7:46 pm
Well, there are lots of things for us in AK. We a avid outdoors people and there is plenty of outdoor type activities like hunting, fishing, hiking, canoeing, rafting, camping, skiing, gosh the list could go on... Also the education system up there is better than it is here in GA. My husband has gotten a transfer with the company he currently works for. And it's really not as cold as you think. At least not in the area we are going to which is close to the coast. -Bonnie

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