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Last Edited: September 5, 2008, 6:26 pm

Pretty good day today.  I'll get to that later.

On Saturday, I wasn't able to slowplay tickets because that tobacco mart was closed for the holiday weekend and the nearby K-Mart's lotto vending machine wasn't working.  So, I went to some other stores while I was out shopping and ran across these (in no particular order):

$5 and $10 on 2 $2 Loteria tickets

$9 (2 x $3 + 3 x $1) on $3 Winfall

2 free tickets on 2 $3 Lotto South Cash

2 $10 winners (both 2 x $5) on 2 $5 Harley Davidson Rides & Riches

Free ticket on $10 Millionaire Mania

On Sunday, I cashed in some tickets and got a $10 Jumbo Jumbo Bucks.  I wound up with a $10 breakeven (3 x $2 + 4 x $1).

Now we come to today......

Before I went to that tobacco mart, I had to go to the doctor to refill my blood pressure medicine and to get the doctor to check out my left foot (more on this later).  After that.....we went down there and I go in and start my slow playing.  Here's the rundown.....

Free ticket on $2 Loteria

Free ticket on $2 Wild Cherry Doubler

$3 (3 x $1) on $2 Betty Boop

Free ticket on $2 Mega Bucks

Free ticket on $2 Win It All

$20 (4 x $3 + 8 x $1 via rake "win all") on $3 Winfall

Free ticket on $2 Jumbo Bucks Classic

Free ticket on $2 Cashword

Free ticket on $5 Harley Davidson Rides & Riches

Free ticket on $5 Red Hot Numbers

That's not all.  Before I get to the last ticket of the slowplaying session and 3 more tickets after that.......with the exception of the $2 Jumbo Bucks Classic, I hit all those winners on the 1st or 2nd ticket.  It did take 5 duds to get to that free ticket on the $2 Jumbos....but that was the worst of things.  After that free ticket on the $5 Red Hot Numbers, I decided to get a $5 $250,000 Cash.  It was a dud, so I pulled out another $5 bill and got another one.  I saw an unusual combination of prizes after scratching off the first 4 prizes, which got me thinking, "Do I have a truck for all 15 prizes here?"

Turns out.......I was right. Big Grin  I hit the truck symbol for all 15 prizes.....10 $4s and 5 $2s for $50.

I still had $13 left in my wallet and 3 GA Lottery Player's Club coupons in my pocket.  Later on, I stopped by a store before going to Walgreens to drop off my prescriptions.  I took $10 of that $13 and bought 5 $2 Georgia Jackpot tickets.  I took the remaining $3 and used it with those Player's Club coupons for a buy-one-get-one-free with Fantasy 5, Cash 3, and Win For Life (I'm saving my Cash 4 and Mega Millions coupons for later......Cash 4 for when a special promotion starts on Sept. 15th (and goes through Sept. 30th) where the terminal will spit out random $15 instant-wins when you buy a Cash 4 ticket).  Oh yeah.....if I win on the Fantasy 5, Cash 3, or Win For Life tickets....because they were purchased today and the KACHING week is Sat. through Fri., they count toward this week's KACHING (even though the Win For Life drawing isn't until tomorrow).  I scratched off the 5 Georgia Jackpot tickets and wound up with these......

(FYI, I don't normally do this unless I have a $30 or greater winner......I just felt like scanning these and posting them Razz )

3 of the 5 were winners.....a Jackpot $2 for $10, a $5 winner (via 5 x $1), and a free ticket.  Not too shabby.  Big Grin

The KACHING Meter for September 5, 2008:  18.2 Big Smile

About my foot from earlier in this blog post.........my left foot has been bothering me since I started my job in late July.  It's been getting progressively worse and got unbearable Tuesday and Wednesday.  I went to the doctor and she advised me to get a specific type of insoles for my shoes (which I now have....got 'em at Wal-Mart).  She also gave me some steroid pills to help the tendons (sp?) and stuff in my foot.  She said that if that didn't help, that I'd have to get some steroid shots and be referred to a nearby foot doctor.  She knew what I was talking about and going through.......she told me that a few months ago, the very same thing happened to her and she wound up having to take the steroid shots.  Hopefully the insoles and steroid pills will work.

Oh great.....I just thought of something.  I wonder if everyone's gonna put asterisks next to all my winners and claim the steroids helped me win. Big Grin Angel

Until next time, may all your tickets win you some moolah! Smile

Entry #40


konaneComment by konane - September 6, 2008, 11:07 am
Totally awesome, congratulations! Love reading your posts .... they're always so positive and 'can-do.' Hope your foot problems completely disappear!

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