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The KACHING Report 9/12


Had another good day last Saturday.  I cashed in some winners, bought some more tickets, and wound up with the following.....

$20 ($20) on $10 Cash Explosion

$25 (Jackpot $3 + $10) and $3 (3 x $1) on 2 $2 Georgia Jackpot tickets


I decided to buy 5 $2 Georgia Jackpot tickets.  Didn't fare too well........only winning a free ticket.


I noticed the store I went to Wednesday had 2 tickets that I used to have good luck on that I haven't seen in forever......even though the GA Lottery hasn't retired them yet (and they still have grand prizes left)....the $2 Lucky Dog and Fat Cat tickets.  I bought a couple of each on a whim from Wednesday (that I should have followed then and maybe I woulda had more than a free ticket).  I wound up with 2 $3 winners on the Fat Cat tickets ($2 + $1 and 3 x $1).  2 of the 3 Lucky Dog tickets were winners.......in the form of a $3 winner ($3).....and the last one of the 3 (the middle was a dud).......5 dog bones for a nice $24 winner ($12 + 4 x $3).  Not too shabby. Big Grin

Chances are I'll be gone to my favorite place to slow play tickets tomorrow.  Hopefully I'll pull off another $50 winner (or something better) like I did last week. Wink

I can't wait until next Saturday.........it's my birthday and I'll turn 23.  I feel old despite being 22. Razz

About last Sunday's race at Richmond.........I loved it when Dale Jr. tapped Kyle Busch and put him into the wall.  That was another sweet sight to see. Big Grin

Until next time, may all your lucky dogs, cats, and whatever other animals you may have bring you good luck and may your tickets win you some dough. Smile

(and speaking of animals.....when the GA Lottery was announcing they wanted animal pictures for the Lucky Dog and Fat Cat games, I highly considered sending Miss Kitty's picture in.....but I didn't.  I should have, though.)

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