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The KACHING Report - 9/26


I'm posting this early because I've gotta work today (1st Friday I've had to work since I started -- and I dread tonight).


On my birthday, I went to Outback Steakhouse.  It was pretty good.  After I ate, I went to that shopping center where the Goodwill, K-Mart, and that tobacco mart are located.  Unfortunately, that tobacco mart was closed.....so I went to the K-Mart to slow play some tickets.  Unfortunately.....they didn't have much of a selection, so I didn't do much slowplaying.  Here's what I hit:

$3 ($2 + $1) and $5 ("star" $1) on a couple of $1 5-Star

Free ticket on $2 $50,000 Bling

Free ticket and $3 ($3) on a couple of $1 League Night

$2 ($2), $3 ($3), a free ticket, and $4 (4 x $1 via 21 "win all") on 4 $1 Super Blackjack (with a couple of duds in between all those)

After that, I still had a couple of winners (the $4 and free ticket from the $1 Super Blackjack tickets).  I stopped by a store on the way back home and got a $5 $500,000 Player's Club.  I wound up hitting $15 ("5X" $3) on it.  I wound up breaking even overall that night.


I did my lotto run yesterday since I have to work today.  I took that $15 winner and bought 2 $5 $500,000 Player's Club, a $1 Spooky Loot, a straight/box quick pick on Cash 4 (once again, to see if I could snag an instant $15 winner....once again with no luck), and used my last 3 GA Lottery Player's Club coupons I had for Mega Millions.  I wound up with a free ticket on the Spooky Loot.  On the 1st $500,000 Player's Club ticket, I hit $20 ($20) (2nd was a dud).

The (possibly temporary, depending on if I win anything on my Mega Millions tickets) KACHING Meter for September 26, 2008:  6.0

As I said......I dread working tonight.  Friday is generally very busy.  We'll see if I keep my sanity after tonight. Razz

Until next time, may all your tickets snag you a few bucks. Big Grin

Entry #43


Shawn67Comment by Shawn67 - September 26, 2008, 1:55 pm
Don't know why I look forward to these reports so much, but I do. i generally play a few scratchers a week and usually have terrible luck with them. Keep 'em coming, and congrats on your wins.
colthmnComment by colthmn - September 27, 2008, 3:30 am
Look this: with the luck you're having with scratchers, you should play with the big boys, I mean powerball and/or mega millions! I READ YOUR EVERY BLOG!!! With this kind of luck, you might find a real payoff!
konaneComment by konane - September 27, 2008, 5:51 pm
Colthmn is absolutely correct. Your positive winning attitude is awesome which is at least 80% of attracting winners to you. Hey go for it and good luck!!!!!
colthmnComment by colthmn - October 1, 2008, 7:52 pm
Yeah! but don't get carried away with it!!! Always remember that this is GAMBLING! And over the next 2 years and beyond, things may well worsen, and probably very much!!!

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