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The KACHING Report 10/3 (and it's B-I-G)


Last Edited: October 3, 2008, 8:34 pm

This one's a biggie.....here we go:


Went slowplaying at the tobacco mart.  The winners......

$2 (2 x $1) on $1 Spooky Loot

Free ticket on $2 Win It All

$3 ("cherry" $1 + $1) on $2 Wild Cherry Doubler

$2 ($2) on $2 Mega Bucks

$10 ($10) on $2 Cut The Deck

$20 ($20) on $10 Cash Explosion

$30 (3 x $10) on $20 GA Lottery 15th Anniversary Millionaire Extravaganza

$5 (2 x $2 + $1) on $3 Big Bucks

$10 (#$2 + 6 x $1) on $5 Red Hot Numbers

Free ticket on $2 Jumbo Bucks Classic

$3 ($2 + $1) and a free ticket on 2 $2 Red Hot & Wild 7s

$8 ($8) on $5 $500,000 Player's Club

Overall it was a little bit of a profit.  I did let that $20 Cash Explosion winner ride on that $20 Millionaire Extravaganza ticket and it paid off with that $30 winner.

Later on, I went to a package store and bought a $10 Cash Explosion, 2 $2 Betty Boop, and a Cash 4 quick pick to see if I could nail an instant $15 winner (with no luck again).  I hit $3 ($3) on one of the Betty Boop tickets and I hit another $20 winner (4 x $5) on the Cash Explosion.

After going to a thrift store, I stopped by another store to cash in those winners.  I bought another $10 Cash Explosion and a $3 Winfall.  I wound up hitting $25 ($20 + $5) on the Cash Explosion.


After getting off of work, I took my $25 winner and decided to let it ride (something I don't do too often but decided to after having a gut feeling).  I bought 2 $10 $150,000,000 Slots of Luck, 4 $1 5-Star, and a Cash 4 quick pick.  There was a small delay, as the lady working the register had to get help from a manager on how to do a Cash 4 quick pick.  He showed her how to do it.....asking me stuff along the way (like "$0.50 or $1?", "Which way?" (as in straight, box, or straight/box -- I chose str/box)).  After he pushed the final button, I heard a sound explode from the lottery terminal......


.....I had FINALLY hit an instant $15 winner during the $15 Days Cash 4 promotion.  The lady asked me "You want the cash?" and I said "Sure!".

I went home and, after changing out of my work clothes and into something more comfortable, scratched off those tickets.  I hit 2 free tickets on 2 of the 5-Star tickets.  On the 2nd Slots of Luck ticket, I hit $16 ($16).


I decided, based on the same gut feeling as I had Sunday, to let that $18 in scratcher winners ride.  It was the last day of the $15 Days promotion for Cash 4.  I decided to buy a $10 Milionaire Mania, 7 $1 Spooky Loot, and a straight/box Cash 4 quick pick.  I didn't hit another instant win, but I did hit a free ticket on one of the Spooky Loot and I hit $20 (2 x $10) on the Millionaire Mania.


2 new instant games came out that day....the $2 Instant Win For Life and the $1 Roll 'Em.  I decided to not let it ride this time around.....I kept $15 of that $21 in cash and bought 2 of the Instant Win For Life and 2 of the Roll 'Em tickets.  I wound up hitting a free ticket on one of the Roll 'Em tickets.  On the Instant Win For Life.......boy was it good.  I hit a $20 winner ($20) and a $2 winner ($2).  This was on the way to work.....so I didn't cash them in until Thursday.


While we were out getting gas (which, actually, was easy to find despite the gas situation happening in the SE US), my mom and I decided to buy some tickets.  For myself, I cashed in those $23 worth of winners and got 5 $2 Instant Win For Life and 3 $1 Spooky Loot.  I also bought some Cash 3 and Cash 4 tickets (using the advance play)....as I'm going to try to start playing those a bit more.  I chose 381 and 3685 using JADELottery's Pick 3/4 Selector program.  The Cash 3 is 6 draws with $0.50 box ($3 total) and the Cash 4 is $7 for 7 draws with $1 straight/box.  I hit a free ticket on the 3rd Spooky Loot.  The Instant Win For Life tickets went like this:

$3 and free Win For Life quick pick (3 x $1 + WFL -- counts as 0.4 on KACHING Meter), $5 ($3 + $2), $3 ($3), loser, and it ended with a $10 winner (2 x $5).  4 of the 5 tickets were winners.


Based on the same gut feeling as earlier this week, I let that $22 ride (and claimed my Win For Life quick pick) and bought 11 of the Instant Win For Life tickets.  Normally, when I let it ride like that, I normally buy the $10 tickets along with some $1 tickets (if it's something like letting $22 or $23 ride or something like that).  Here's what happened (Note:  sorry if the image is way too massive -- but the quality became awful when I tried to shrink the picture using Microsoft Photo Editor.  Also, I couldn't fit all 7 tickets in full, so you'll see only the play areas of 2 tickets in the lower-left corner.)........

.......yes.....7 of the 11 tickets were winners in the form of a $10 winner ($10), $20 and a Win For Life quick pick (4 x $5 + WFL), $6 ($3 + $2 + $1), $15 and a Win For Life quick pick (3 x $5 + WFL), $5 ($3 + $2), $2 ($2), and $6 (3 x $2).  I couldn't believe it.

Edit:  Just FYI, since you can't see the ticket number on that lower left corner ticket play area, that was ticket #104.  That $5 ($3 + $2) winner was the 1st of 3 consecutive winners (see #s 105 and 106 in the pic).

The KACHING Meter for October 3, 2008:  31.3 -- 2nd all time since I began the KACHING stuff.  Also, since I have a Win For Life quick pick and it was obtained today, this could change if I win something on that quick pick tomorrow night.

Until next time, may all your tickets be nothing but winners.....and if you buy a bunch of tickets, may you hit a streak like I did with today's Instant Win For Life tickets. Smile

Entry #45


InstyleComment by Instyle - October 4, 2008, 1:13 pm
Good for you, You can't believe it. I have never seen that happen..... so many winners back to back like that.   that is so cool.
konaneComment by konane - October 7, 2008, 7:34 am
Huge congratulations!!!!! Keep tuning into that gut instinct!!! :-D Hope your wins continue to grow, love reading about them!!!!

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