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Indiana pick 3 draws, a look at, a series of posts, Post # 1.


I will try to take a look at some pick 3 draws from indiana, it might be several posts they might or might not be posted everyday, depends on my having enought time to.

The draws will be such as these:

It might mostly maybe be a look at boxed draws and not so much at straight ones, so the draws do need to be remade into boxed draws and as the few posts 'Roll" they might be updated as new draws come out.

First of all, I can and do make mistakes, so you might try to catch those if you can and or I might or not.

On this first post Doubles are Red, Do often Doubles follow each other as seen there on those draws?

On those draws often they follow either horizontally or vertically, that is Up or to the Right of the last Double draw, that is from Midday to Eve o from Eve Midday or from Midday  to Midday or from Eve to Eve.

It could sometimes take 11 to 16 or so draws for a Double to comOn about 55 Mixed draws there might be about 12 draws that are or were Doubles, so not too many Doubles came out, Singles were a better bet maybe, unless Doubles were played after Doubles from Last draw to next one Horizontally and or Vertically (?).

These are only a very few draws, one should study months and Months of them at first to better understand how patterns might move about.

As I said, the draws sould be re-formed as boxed from Lowest to Highest Digits first, to better see any boxed patterns that might be there, that is all for this first post, more posts on Indiana draws as I can make them, this might be a short or a long series.

Are triples Double Doubles?

Some past Indiana draws
Midday up to Fri Oct 17 and Daily up to Thu Oct 16
0-0-6        4-4-4   
3-8-8        8-2-2   
5-7-9        1-4-8   
8-4-1        1-5-0   
8-8-7        5-9-1   
0-0-2        5-0-8   
5-1-3        9-9-1   
0-3-7        5-3-7   
0-8-2        4-5-5   
6-5-7        6-2-3   
0-4-9        3-6-4   
1-4-9        2-5-1   
1-5-4        2-1-7   
7-8-6        6-8-7   
6-0-4        5-8-7   
6-5-2        8-9-3   
7-6-6        4-2-2   
4-6-8        3-0-9   
4-6-7        6-2-3   
6-9-8        0-0-9   
2-8-0        0-9-3   
8-5-1        6-3-4   
1-0-6        4-3-1   
4-0-0        8-0-8   
6-5-3        3-1-5   
1-5-0        2-4-2   
1-2-5        6-5-8

Entry #191


Comment by Hello2009 - August 26, 2009, 7:50 pm
to me this is fake... we need system to tell us THE NEXT DRAWING NUMBERS not your predictions thats different lol... but its okk to follow this system.

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