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Indiana draws, I won't really show how to reduce here, I will just show the patterns.


Last Edited: October 21, 2008, 5:10 am

For learning how to reduce (Filter Out) you will have to look at some of my old posts either as LANTERN and or as EXCALIBUR, on the Indiana posts I will mostly just show some of whatever filter patterns appear there and whatever you do with them it is mostly up to you, I might just give some very basic reduction help-talk, this is due to various reasons of which I won't talk about, besides enough reduction info has already been given elsewhere on so many of my old posts.

Even some info about Doubles has been given on 1 or more posts somewhere.

There is little that I have not talked about in regards to pick 3 filters, I even somewhere on some post or posts have given some info about Vtrack filters, even if Ihave talked only little about them.

I will say that it appears as if each particular group of numbers should be filtered in their own particular way, as each group has their own filter characteristics.

So the question might be, What group or groups are your target groups? and filter for that or for those groups.

There are or might be groups within groups.

By this I mean that some filters might work just as good for all groups of numbers and some filters might only work or work best for one or more particular group(s) of numbers, but not for all of them.

Take for example: Doubles and Singles, each best needs their own particular filtration technique(s).

That is all on that subject.

Too bad, yes, but in the end you do get much more by reading as many of the old posts as possible, thread posts by EXCALIBUR and LANTERN and also some posts of others.

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