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Indiana draws # 7.


Last Edited: October 22, 2008, 1:04 pm

Be a little more like Sherlock Holmes and Solomon.

I was going to post the boxed combined patterns of Out-In with High-Low and Even-Odd, but I will leave it up to you all to make them by yourselves as they are not that hard to do.

Now a quick look at the Sums:

As we know the Sums are UnEven, that is most boxed numbers are on the Middle Sums, therefore those Sums are the ones that will or that should come out the most often-times.

There are 28 Sums on the pick 3 game from 0 up to 27.

Half of 28 = 14, that is 0-13 Sums is the first half and 14 to 27 is the second half.

So 7 to 20 Sums more or less are the Middle Sums and the ones that should come out the most, they are 14 Sums, they will be there on Green Color.

One should have a Sums chart to see all of them with their numbers.

By the way, there are 82 boxed Singles Target numbers and out of them 80 numbers are in the 7 to 20 Sums Range.

Of course 80 boxed numbers is still way too many of them, they are 2/3 of the 120 boxed singles and they don't show-up 2/3 of the time, but only much less than half of the time.

Midday Indiana draws:

034 07
079 16 X
126 09 X
239 14 X
006 06
388 19
579 21
148 13 X
788 23
002 02
135 09
037 10 X
028 10
567 18
049 13 X
149 14 X
145 10 X
678 21
046 10
256 13 X
667 19
468 18
467 17 X
689 23
028 10
158 14 X

Yes, most of those draws had Sums that were in the middle range as can be seen there.

All the Target(X) numbers there had Sums in that range.

What else is there?

Most of the Sums there didn't repeat from one draw to the very next draw, that happended there only 1 time.

There is much more about Sums than what I will say about them here.

Sums are a good filter pattern all by themselves and good filtration also can be made with them sometimes if one knows how to, it all depends on what the past draws show, same as with any other filter pattern.

But I will say that from the Sums come out other filter patterns, some of which are (Things can get a little complicated when you make filters within filters and also when you make compound filters):

The LDS (Last Digit of the Sum), which I have also called LDR.

And the Root of the Sum.

Remember Skips of Patterns and also Gaps of Digits and Numbers.

I give little info here, I have reasons for that, I give the most basic info only, you uncover the rest on your own, there might be more info about Sums on some of my old posts somewhere.

Later sometime, a little about the Last Digit of the Sum and about the Root of the Sum.

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