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Indiana pick 3 boxed draws post # 10


Last Edited: October 25, 2008, 10:16 pm

By the number of (Past) draws that have come out with "Target" pick 3 numbers, it looks as if the Indiana Lottery is being very nice to it's players.

That can not keep on going like that too much longer, Can it?, of course it can, but it should not.

Well, now that I got a few people's attention, there is no need to keep on making these posts, all that you need to know is that if you want more, just look for and find more info on very many of my old posts, if they are still here at LP, use the Search feature and look for posts made by LANTERN and also for posts made by EXCALIBUR, the date range for the searches should be for All History and for All Forums and or at least for the Lottery Systems forum.

Somewhere there on 1 or more posts I list most or very many of the possible pick 3 filters, on very many posts I talk some about them, I do give plenty of samples on many posts.

Of course, there is always a chance that the lotter(y)(ies) monitor the sale of the numbers and that they pick those numbers as winners that give only so much money away in prices, according to how much money they want to give away per each draw, in order for they to make whatever profit they want and or need to make per each Month, Year or whatever time period.

But who knows? Even a lottery director might not know what is really going on, if anything is going on, this might be truer if the draws are RNG and or computer generated, but it also could happen with mechanical draws.

Rotten and money seem to go hand in hand.

Perhaps play first on paper long enough before you try to play for real, to see if you can win in that way.

If you win often when playing on paper, but later can't win when playing for real, Well, Why do you thing that it would be like that?, It should be the same, the game then most be fixed (Doctored) in the lottery's favor.

One more thing, get the word "Random" out of your mind, there is the mechanical make-up of the game,  past draws and statistics-probabilities- chances.

Good luck.

UpDated Ind Midday draws:

029 11 1 2
368 17 7 8
058 13 3 4
147 12 2 3
034 07 7 7
079 16 6 7
126 09 9 9
239 14 4 5

7 draws with Target numbers out of 8 draws, Wow!Just when I happened to start to talk about them, maybe the Indiana lottery is trying to be nice for a change!

Well, last post, no more about the Indiana draws, at least for a while.

Look at older posts for more info and filters.


This next is not related to the lottery, but I feel that I should say it.


I won't say that any of the following has any truth on it at all, only that it is my own personal opinion at this particular time!

Here it is:

I don't much like either of the presidential candidates, but I dislike Mc Cain more than I dislike Obama.

Also if Mc Cain wins, it probably will be by the use of touch screen vote flipping machines or in some other such way, look at some of the other Blogs that talk about votes getting flipped by touch screen voting monitors, I don't know if it is true or not, but something like that would be the only way in which Mc Cain would win the election.

I saw-heard the T.V. debates and I tell you, if both of them are telling the truth, then I don't want Mc Cain to be the president, I prefer Obama, but of course there is a good chance that they said what they said just so they would be elected, people will promise whatever you want to hear just to be elected, that last might be truer with Obama, I really think that Mc Cain meant what he said and I didn't like what he said, I would prefer then to take my chances with Obama as he could hardly be much worse than Mc Cain (I hope), but he maybe might be (I hope not).

It might be very dangerous to have Obama as president, but it looks as it will for sure be dangerous to have Mc Cain as president.

The possible very bad or the for sure bad, take your pick, some will pick the bad that they know about over the bad that they don't know about yet (If it is so).

We have seen Bush already, Mc Cain seems to be only half-bad and Obama might also be only half bad, but is more of a wild card.

I don't much like either, but I would take my chances with Obama as I don't want more of the same as has been going on for so very very long.

Entry #201


LANTERNComment by LANTERN - October 25, 2008, 9:58 pm
I made an addition to the above post at its end.
LANTERNComment by LANTERN - October 25, 2008, 10:23 pm
On top of all that Mc Cain is a republican and I sure have not liked republicans for quite a very long while, not that I like democrats much or anything, but now-days I dislike republicans much more.
But even if Mc Cain was a democrat I still would not like him and would vote for Obama even if Obama was a republican.

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