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Tx pick 3 biased daily games?


Last Edited: October 26, 2008, 10:27 pm

Talk about "Water and Oil", I had to say that, instead of you know what, so people won't call me racist.

The Eve game is full of "Normal" Target numbers and the Mid game is full of the "Other" numbers, at least on those few draws.

It is almost as if both games were being manipulated, that is "Fixed", I am not saying that they were or are being, only that they look as if they are.

For one thing, look at the so very many doubles on the Midday game and also at the number that repeated straight from last to next draw, this looks as some kind of a backfire due to some kind(s) of excessive undue manipulation, what I mean is that it seems to me that "Normal" random behavior does not produce that kind of draws history, it is very biased.

The Night draws are not "Normal" either, they were and are also biased, but now seem to be in transition, but still biased.

Texas Pick 3 Day Previous Lottery Results
 Draw Date      Results
Sat, Oct 25, 2008    8-8-5, Sum It Up: 21
Fri, Oct 24, 2008    8-8-5, Sum It Up: 21
Thu, Oct 23, 2008    5-2-5, Sum It Up: 12
Wed, Oct 22, 2008    8-9-6, Sum It Up: 23
Tue, Oct 21, 2008    7-9-3, Sum It Up: 19
Mon, Oct 20, 2008    2-9-0, Sum It Up: 11
Sat, Oct 18, 2008    1-1-7, Sum It Up: 9
Fri, Oct 17, 2008    2-5-4, Sum It Up: 11
Thu, Oct 16, 2008    7-5-5, Sum It Up: 17
Wed, Oct 15, 2008    7-1-0, Sum It Up: 8
Texas Pick 3 Night Previous Lottery Results
 Draw Date      Results
Sat, Oct 25, 2008    2-0-6, Sum It Up: 8
Fri, Oct 24, 2008    6-1-1, Sum It Up: 8
Thu, Oct 23, 2008    2-6-0, Sum It Up: 8
Wed, Oct 22, 2008    1-7-3, Sum It Up: 11
Tue, Oct 21, 2008    0-5-8, Sum It Up: 13
Mon, Oct 20, 2008    8-3-5, Sum It Up: 16
Sat, Oct 18, 2008    6-1-9, Sum It Up: 16
Fri, Oct 17, 2008    5-1-6, Sum It Up: 12
Thu, Oct 16, 2008    2-7-0, Sum It Up: 9
Wed, Oct 15, 2008    8-1-3, Sum It Up: 12
At this time the Tx lottery seems to be more rotten than the Indiana Lottery is or was.

No wonder that some people don't trust the lotteries nor any gambling.

As always, the past draws tell their tale.

That is why it is so important to study them and not just the last 10 draws, but Months or Years of them, so one can see the changes (movements), things don't stay in a particular way forever.

What to do? Depends on what a much longer history of draws shows.

You can try to use tham as they are and or you can mix both games to homogenize the games-draws some, that is to even-distribute them up some, that is to unbiase them some.

That is the main reason to want to mix games, to unbiase the draws, to distribute the patterns-numbers more evenly, that does not always work and or work as well as we want to, but it will work to some degree.

Prediction is a flex-able relative thing.

While events seem to be connected, they might only be connected by their statistics, that is unless the draws are being "Fixed".

When things are not being "Fixed" events are not connected by anything other than by their statistics.

As one ball, draw or digit, should not have anything to do with another ball, draw or digit, they have to do with each other only thru their stats.

That is why random events can up to some kind of flexable (Flexible) point be statisticaly predicted, if the game is not being fixed in some way to favor the lottery or somebody.

A truly random game is a game that up to a point can be predicted (if you are in the know-how).

Chances are that chances are.

Many will say no, cuz they don't know any better!


I make a kind of retraction:

A random game can produce draws like those, but would only for some period of draws-time and then the draws would be more normal like, that is that then for some time the patterns would be more evenly mixed, later sometime the 'Bad" draws could again come, but overall for the game the draws-patterns would be more evenly mixed.

If the game overall, that is more often or most of the time, or than what would seem normal seems to be more biased towards some particular patterns, then the game in some way is being unbalanced and might be "fixed" or there might be something wrong with it.

So if this happens, but not too often, it might still be within random normal limits and it would be O.K, otherwise there is something wrong.

Entry #202


LANTERNComment by LANTERN - October 26, 2008, 10:28 pm
I added some text to the end of the last post, so please re-read the post.
LANTERNComment by LANTERN - October 27, 2008, 3:19 pm
I just looked at more than a months worth of past draws fron Tx and I am also remembering what I have seen on the Tx past draws many times over the last few years.
This biasing of the draws does appear to be intentional as if the draws-patterns are really being manipulated, but often (Not always) appear as if the arranging of the patterns was done by computer as it is often too complex to be done otherwise, they seem to be trying to block attempts at prediction by filter techniques and they do a very good job of that, as they do it in very many filter patterns, it is of course not the first time that I have seen this, I see it very often whenever I study the past draws, but there are partially good segments, some longer than others among the "bad" segments.
How they can do this with a mechanicaly drawn game? It does not seem possible, maybe it has to do in some way with the pre-draws that they always do before the "real" draws, I don't know.
It is a good thing that prediction with filters is a very flexible way and that when some prediction ways are 'blocked," there might be one or more others that are not, he who predicts with filters has to be very tricky and has to know more about prediction than the state lottery experts and the companies who manage the games for them do, lucky that prediction is like a many headed hydra and or like a many handed Kali, many ways lead to Rome (Prediction).
LANTERNComment by LANTERN - October 28, 2008, 9:50 pm
All draws are straight draws, all 1000 of them (Pick 3 game).

So called "Random" is not a good mixer of Digits-Numbers and of the patterns that they make.

That is that some digits, numbers and patterns will come out more often than others, even in the very long run and that is considered to be 'Normal".

But what would seem or appear to be excessive amounts of particular digits, numbers and or patterns made by them, should not be considered as being "Normal" random behavior.

Let me put it this way:

If for any reason whatsoever you can't make a profit on a gambling operation, you should quit playing, before you get deeper into the hole, that is if you happen to play to make a profit.

If you play for the fun of it and if you don't miss the money that you spend and lose, then by all means keep on playing.

If you play to donate money to the state, then go ahead and keep on donating money.

It is your money, so do whatever you want to do with it, even throw it away if you want to.

"Normal" lottery games are already hard enough to win as they naturally are, but when state lotteries go out of their way to make them even very much harder to win, then it is just too much.

A predictor might be forced to pick other patterns-numbers are his targets, maybe even all the possible pick 3 numbers, that would make it harder to make a profit, maybe even not possible, there is a technique that requires a person to have and spend a very large amount of money as numbers and or patterns have to come out sooner or latter, mostly patterns, but the risk and amount of money needed is too much, that is one possible way, but one of the most obvious, another safe way would be as I said to use all the patterns and numbers as targets and then try to reduce them as much as possible, this reducing of all the numbers can be done as I have done many times before, but it is very hard to win often enough and to reduce them enough.

I think that the lotteries now know that random can be predicted and they are sort of desperate and are actively trying to foil attempts at prediction by filters.

They also know that most people won't know and won't care, this seems to be aimed at people such as myself, which probably are relatively few, but the lottery won't take a chance.


None of the above might be true at all, I might just be paranoid, but it seems to me that the patterns as they are coming out are too screwed-up to be normal random behavior and yet I guess that everything is possible and they could be normal.


If you can play online and if it is legal and safe then study all the pick 3 games and play that one or those that you can better win, that is win more often and with fewer numbers.

That problem is that the state lotteries run a monopoly and have no local competition, otherwise things might be very different (Maybe), unless they all joined.

I never neither studied nor tried all the prediction possibilities, there are way too many and or limitless or almost, besides things get very hard or impossible to do by hand, special software is needed and it is not anywhere there, only the most basic and simple programs have been made.


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