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lotto purchases today


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hmmm a R&B song that is just ok from his latest CD.
i have thought about doing this quite a bit. well i can't remember all the past things. so a rambling i will go.
i went to nebraska and picked up nebraska and iowa powerball tickets. what the outcome is i don't know.
my current list of losers are a single play lotto ticket from colorado.
a single play powerball ticket with powerplay from colorado.
a 25 drawing megamillion ticket from ny. i don't know how i will get anymore new ones. it was fun while it lasted. i know longer work where the ny connections is at.
a 15 drawing megamillion ticket from IL.
a 15 drawing ticket for the little lotto from IL. it was a nice trip in Illinois working my way down to KY. i got down to KY and messed up my lotto ticket. i didn't get the powerplay like i wanted and i just did not have the money to correct what i needed.
interlude: i always save up my winnings and go some where. well last year we had problems with out bank and they kept someo of my money. not this year!! next year i am going to take a trip across washington state with my winnings from this year. not a great year by a long shot. still i have enough to pay for a hotel room in Idaho. where i can buy me a idaho powerball ticket.
speaking of winnings Dance
i got a check from canada worth 20 dollars canadian. i will take that check and add it to the other one i have and cash it next month when i go to canada with the little lady. speaking of that i need to get the room.
i got a decent win for me from powerball with the powerplay from missouri. i got back half my money! cani get a whoop whoop? i am glad i had the multiplyer of 5 for the powerball. i just need to send it back to them. i won 15 dollars.
i finally won on the hot lotto and with the sizzler. i won 95% of my money back. i need like 300% money back. anyway the ticket was from minnesota hot lotto ticket. i was happy i stopped in the airport to pick up that ticket. good to know which states let you do that at the airport. i wish more states would do that!!!
i go back to Missouri again with the next win. i just won a free ticket and maybe they will send me another ticket instead of the dollar back. i doubt it. come on missouri give me a free ticket on the missouri lotto. at least i can use one envelope for both tickets.
speaking of getting tickets in the airport. i purchased me some tickets at the denver airport. i got me powerball for 18 drawings til january. january 3 is the last drawing until florida joins the powerball world!! i wanted to get the powerplay but i did not have the powerplay money. i wanted to see if i could get 20 drawings for the colorado lotto but it was hooked to the powerball change over. so i got 18 drawings for it too.
speaking of limitations because of the changeover. i had the same problem with the Montana lottery. i sent an email to the Monatana lottery people to find a dealer near me. in the email was the break down for the remaining powerball drawings. i got 18 with the powerplay. i also got 18 hot lotto tickets without the sizzler. Anyone here ever hit big on the hot lotto? i know people just read and never respond but i ask anyway.
well Montana was doing something special until the end of the year. there was an online game for winning a million like the raffles going on around the country. well i purchased a 20 dollar ticket for a chance to win a million. my rule is i have to have a chance to win a million or i am not playing. i could use a million to start out the new year!!
i had another stop and picked up a 9 drawing powerball ticket with powerplay from south dakotat. i also got a 9 drawing hot lotto with the sizzler. what gives with south dakota? why not more drawings?
well that is it for the purchases. it felt like old times being in a hotel with nothing to do but check my lotto numbers. always keeping the dream alive of winning enough on a ticket that i could just go the state that has the money for me. alas i just go home like always.
so i will get my winning tickets in the mail so i can get the checks back this year and add them to the pile.
powerball will be a wee bit more intersting starting in january with florida coming on line. the second place prize with the powerplay is an automatic 1 milllion dollars. starting jackpots will start at 20 millions. i can use 20 million. the downside is that instead of getting hit by lighting 7 times to win the powerball i will to be hit maybe 11 times.
i met someone over the weekend that had a 200 dollar powerball ticket on him. i was wondering what combination it took to get a 200 powerball ticket. maybe the powerplay with a 2 time multiplyer. oh well. i have not seen hundred dollar winner from powerball in a few years.
well i have to thank some cousins of mr power and mr mega. let me thank the little cousins of the missouri lotto and the hot lotto for giving me wins this time around. i would like to thank Mr Power most of all for giving me a winning ticket. Mr Mega i am looking forward to the next win you have for me.
Thanks to one and all of you for reading my blog.
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