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Prediction Methods.


Last Edited: November 6, 2008, 10:53 pm

A new way for me of filtrating numbers, I feel like a kid who has a new toy.

It will take a while to develop the first part of the system, then I will work on the rest of it, one part at a time, I don't yet know, how good or bad this new filters system will be, it is quite different from what I used before.

As there is no special software for automating the tasks, it will need more time and work to use it than the regular filters.

Now I have 3 possible filter systems, the old regular filters system, this new one and a possible and also untested VTracks system, 3 possible ways of cracking the game, the old system was tested quite a lot and more or less worked, sometimes more and sometimes less.

The harder that they make the game to win it, the more that one should learn, I wonder if there is any such thing as a PredictOlogist? There should be!

I remember years ago, when I didn't have any ideas about how to try to predict lottery games, Well I had some ideas, but were either not possible to do without special software which I didn't have and or were wrong and I still don't have most of the software that I wanted, much of which I already forgot about.

There are many prediction methods that I will never try as they can't be used without special software.

They are real prediction methods, not stuff like +1, +2 and +3 rundowns or Tic Tac Toes or many other not true prediction methods, true prediction methods are statisticaly sound.


Probably the best prediction methods, predict for one particular state and draw and the predictor should say if the prediction is boxed or straight.

Not 100 numbers for 50 states for 1 day to 2 months in the future either boxed or straight.

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