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TN top Ten Scratch offs.


My top 10 Scratch offs for TN are:

10. Sapphire Blue 7's ($5)  TN's 2nd $5 ticket is fun.  It has pretty good odds.  1:3.07.  Top prize is $77,777 which is a fun number if you hit it.  They have plenty of 2nd and 3rd place prizes with this game. 

9. Lucky Cherry Slots ($1)  I like this game for the fact that it has quite a few top prizes left and the odds are ok for a $1 scratcher for TN.  Odds of winning something 1:4.5

8. 7-11-21 ($1)  This game is cool because of the odds.  1:4.  The $1 scratch game's odds have been climbing for a while now.  This game has some of the best odds for $1 tickets. 

7. Super Cash ($2) This new game is very fun to play.  They have 60,000 prizes from $20 to $500.  The odds are the best you can get for a $2 ticket. 

6. Bank Roll ($1)  I like this one dollar ticket a lot.  It is loaded with $50 prizes as I found out.  I really like the fact of matching only two amounts rather than 3.  Top Prize is $5,000.  Odds 1:4.8

5. Lucky 7's ($1) I'm not too crazy about these odds, however, it has a lot of top prizes.  I'm not too crazy about the 2nd place prize of $77.  Why not a 2nd place prize of $777???  Oh well.  It's fun to play. Top Prize $7,000  Odds 1:4.9

4. $100,000 ($5)  I really like $5 tickets and $100,000 jackpot is the first $5 scratcher TN had and it's still hot.  With the top prize of $100,000 and a lot of 2nd and 3rd place prizes this game is a favorite and will continue to be.  The odds of winning are 1:3.33. 

3. Mega Slots ($10) The only $10 game TN has is a fun game.  You can win up to 20 times.  I'm not too crazy about matching fruits.  I would much rather match numbers but that is a personal opinion.  The top prize on this game is $250,000.  If you play you have a pretty good shot of winning something.  Odds 1:2.6

2. Black Jack ($1)  This game is number two for the odds.  1:4 is about right with this game.  The top prize is only $2,100 but they have quite a few of them out there.  I really enjoy this game if I can find it it's a must. 

1. Jumbo Bucks ($2)  Although I'm not too crazy about the odds this game is the stuff.  It has a top prize of $50,000 and they have usually atleast 10 top prizes out at once.  After the game is reprinted (About every 2 months) We have about 30 top prizes.  Odds 1:4.2

Good luck.  (This page may be updated as more games are released and more games are ended.)

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