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June 30, 2010, 9:25 pmI will not be predicting Wednesday or Thursday

As some of you guys know... I am an atmospheric scientist.  With that said, I am spending most of my time monitoring Hurricane Alex affecting southern Texas and Northern Mexico.  One of my duties is to save as much data as possible for further research and review later on.  Because I'm collecting this data I am unable to throw together my predictions.  Anytime there is a major weather entity out there I'm most likely following it and collecting data.  I will do my best to have numbers out ASAP.  Not sure if anyone actually pays attention... but with the outside chance someone does... now you know why.  Good luck lottery players and for our S. Texas players...  Stay safe!  Flash flooding, isolated tornadoes, and wind gusts to 60 mph are possible through tomorrow.

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June 12, 2010, 5:13 amSo close... yet so far...

As some of you are aware I have started predicting numbers again.  I have done this in the past... (See last blog entry for details)  In the last blog I mentioned how I was trying to develop a pick five method.  Well, after a near miss in yesterday's Palmetto 5 in SC I have a lot of research to do...  I may be on to something, or maybe not.  Either way, it is really hard to ignore this...


Tnplayer805  South Carolina Palmetto Cash 5 3 of 5   16-20-25-32-35   16-19-25-32-38   $10


In other news...  I was able to recently hit a box midday pick 3 and box evening pick 4 in Maryland as well as a Pick 3 Straight and Pick four box in PA...  Not huge success stories; however, not bad when I am limited to only 10 picks per game per day.  Things are looking decent right now; however, it is clear I am still a little rusty.

Good Luck Lotto Fans.

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June 10, 2010, 11:02 amI'm going to try predictions again...

A couple of years ago I developed a method of picking numbers that seemed to be fairly decent.  I got a good number of hits and given that I am only a standard member that's difficult to do with only ten number combinations.  With that said, I stopped doing predictions because I simply had no time to figure up my formulas and go to school.  And to be honest...  Who wants to look at numbers when you're taking three calculus courses, 2 calculus based physics classes, and three atmospheric physics courses?  Yeah, during those times I hated numbers, variables, and unknowns.  Simply speaking, I was already doing enough math pursuing my degree and I was tired of it all so I stopped predicting.  And since I live in a nonlottery state (Ala-freakin-bama) there really was no point.  I couldn't play my predictions and therefore in the end couldn't benefit from them.  However, now that I have my BS in Atmospheric Physics I can go back to my old methods.  True, I still live in a nonlottery state (and hate it) I look at predicting as a hobby.  I'm far from the best but I am overall happy with my selections and the number of wins I obtain. 

It is frustrating though.  Since I have not predicted numbers in a while I am a bit rusty.  That showed yesterday when I was one number off on numerous pick four predictions.  ONE NUMBER it seemed like in almost every state.  If I had more then ten picks I might have nailed a couple of boxed p4 wins.  I know... I know... I should upgrade my membership; however, with student loans coming due soon and me still working a crappy job that isn't going to happen in the near future.  I will do the best with what I have and hopefully gain more experience in the process.

As for the future...  I'm going to keep revising my formulas and spreadsheets.  I lost most of my spreadsheets from my predictions long ago after my computer crashed.  At the time I didn't think I would ever need them again...  However, I am now kicking myself.  Oh well...  I guess it's best to start from scratch because my information would have been out dated and a couple of variables like RNG needed to be accounted for.  Like any other person I will not go into specifics on how I obtain the numbers.  Lets just say my computer programming class opened a lot of doors in terms of data analysis and I don't really want to reveal my secrets. 

Some changes this go around include pick 5 predictions.  I have started researching the how to's for those predictions and will try different methods for certain states.  I'm hoping to come up with a decent system soon.  Until then it is strictly trial and error.

Good luck lotto fans!!!

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May 4, 2009, 4:09 pmThe Pick 3 mafia.

I know most have noticed the thread after thread stating the same thing...  "Tennessee payouts suck."  They looked at raw numbers with little thought.  I even read where someone said payouts should be higher because they see a lot aof people playing...  My question to them is do they see purchases in other states?  There was also a comparison between Tennessee and Florida...  Now come on.  Tennessee has 5 million citizens and Florida has more than 16 million.  The same folks continue to compare Tennessee and Kentrucky which I admit is a better state to compare...  However, the games are different. (Different payouts)  They take raw numbers ignoring all other facts just to make themselves look smart.  It's actually funny to sit back and watch these members make total fools of themselves.  I try to enlighten folks; however, you can't help anyone who is ignoring the facts.  This reminds me of politics.  I know foolish people who would vote for a dead dog over someone just because they belong to a different political party.  It's so funny to see people who obviously need to do research try to out debate those who actually have a firm grasp on what's going on.  As for the "FREE SPEECH" trash talk...  I'm happy to live in a society where we can speak our mind.  BUT it is common sense to have logic behind your feelings.

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April 30, 2009, 6:09 amWhat really grinds my gears about Lottery Post and other online forums...

I've been a member here at LP since April of 05...  I take part in a lot of online forums and everywhere I go I run into the same problem...  People posting useless replies or comments.  When I first got here in 05 there was a member by the name Cash Only...  If you've been here a while you'll know exactly who I'm talking about...  All of his posts were about how people should pick cash option...  Blah Blah Blah...  Time after time after time....  Every now and then is fine so you can express your feelings but NOT every post should contain the same thing.  If you want to take part in an online discussion at least have something meaningful to say.  I don't have tens of thousands of posts mainly because it doesn't matter how many posts you have.  What matters is insight.  This makes reading certain topics enjoyable for the rest.  I've even left online forums because I simply got tired of reading the same old thing.  Time after time after time after time...  I've not seen a lot of that on LP...  However, it's NOT a perfect world so we have to put up with it from time to time.  Or do we?  Since LP has a large number of posters I don't plan on leaving because of it.  Instead, I simply block or ignore the user. 

Another thing...  A certain user wasn't happy with my calling him or her out for doing this...  Their response?  Since they are a paid member they are running to Todd.  Todd, I apologize not for saying what I said but rather the babysitting you have to do.  One of my closest friends is an administrator for a popular forum online (with over 25,000 members) and he is always trying to move threads to the proper forum and he deals with complaints about cry baby type stuff such as this on a regular basis.  For that I do apologize.

Last Edited: April 30, 2009, 6:12 am

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July 11, 2008, 5:05 amGood bye instant tickets... Hello casino

I've been playing scratch offs since I turned 18 a few years ago but now I'm about to be 21.  That means I'm old enough to go to a casino.  I have been to indian casinos before where you only had to be 18 to play and I've done well.  (Casinos in Oklahoma and Alabama)  I look at it like this...  Playing a slot machine is like playing instant tickets.  You play a few bucks and that's it.  If you win great.  If you don't then no harm done you still had fun.  (If you didn't enjoy playing you shouldn't be playing at all)  I think it's fun to sit in my truck and scratch off one number at a time (minus spoiler letters).  But now soon I can go to Biloxi and spend the same amount at a casino.  I know a lot of people don't like instant games or slot machines because they are either rigged or payout isn't great but I'm not out to win money.  Yes, it would be great to win a good amount but if you don't it's still a nice relaxing time to sit infront of a machine and play.  It's all about fun and different people think different things are fun.  For me it would be the slot machines.

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May 24, 2006, 3:15 amTennessee's top 10 scratchers

The following is my top ten Tennessee scratch offs on the market at your nearest gas station. 


(10. Junior Jumbo Bucks ($1) Odds 1:4.9 Top Prize $10,000 Number of Top Prizes 19) I've not played "JUNIOR" as much as I've played senior but I like the number of top prizes and the amount of the top prize.  The top prize is the most for any $1 scratch off offered in TN.  For that it gets my number 10 spot.

 (9. TIE

Fast 50's ($2) Odds 1:3.6. Top Prize $20,000 Number of top prizes 7

Sizzling 7's ($2) Odds 1:3.7. Top Prize $27,000 Number of top prizes 5) I examined these games inside and out.  Truth is... I like both.  The odds are pretty good for a $2 game and the number of top prizes is also a plus.  These two games have been reprinted so I'm not the only one in TN that thinks these two games are great. 

(8. Royal Riches ($5) Odds 1:2.7. Top Prize $100,000. Number of top prizes 2)  I remember playing this game when it came out and loved it.  The odds are the best I've seen for a $5 ticket.  There are only 2 top prizes left but I think TN will reprint this game.  I see it in almost every store I walk into. 

(7. Stacks of Cash ($5) Odds 1:2.6. Top Prize $100,000. Number of top prizes 1)  When I thought I had seen it all with Royal Riches, TN gave us Stacks of Cash.  The odds on this ticket beat Royal Riches which was the lowest odds your can get from any $5 ticket in TN.  This game is great.  Like Royal Riches the number of top prizes is low.  Only 1 left.  However, TN will reprint this game.  It's very popular.

(6. Crown Jewels ($10) Odds 1:3.1 Top Prize $250,000. Number of top prizes 4)  I like $10 tickets.  This one included.  Only flaw is the odds are a little higher than I would hope.  Top Prize is $250,000.  No surprise since every $10 ticket have the same top prize.  (Until Jumbo Jumbo bucks)  Anyway, with 4 top prizes in the state it takes the number 6 spot.

(5. $100,000 hold'em Poker ($5). Odds 1:3.4. Top Prize $100,000 Number of top prizes 5) The only reason this game takes the number 5 spot is because of the 5 top prizes and the numerous other prizes you may win.  I don't think this game is as popular as Tennessee wanted it to be.  The truth is it is just too confusing.  True...  It's poker and any gambler knows how to play poker.  But most stick to scratch tickets to match numbers.  The odds also needs a lot of work. 

(4. High Card ($1) Odds 1:4.5. Top Prize $3,000 Number of top prizes 25)  High Card... The only $1 ticket to make the top 5.  This ticket is not bad for a $1 ticket.  The odds are nice.  What really made this ticket number 4 was the 25 top prizes it has in the state.  Although it is a card game it's very simple to play.  In fact...  I may go buy some tomorrow. 

(3. Super Deuces ($2) Odds 1:3.5 Top Prize $22,222 Number of top prizes 8) One of the newest $2 tickets we have in TN.  It's very easy to play.  Number of top prizes is 8 so that is a plus.  I also like the unique top prize amount.  The odds are the best we have for a $2 ticket here in TN.  Jump on this ticket before it's too late.

(2. Jumbo Bucks ($2) Odds 1:4.2. Top Prize $50,000 Number of top prizes 27) This ticket is the bread and butter of the TN lottery.  If they didn't have Jumbo Bucks they wouldn't have a lottery.  It's the most played scratch off and the most played game in TN period.  I love the number of top prizes.  I also love the amout of the top prize. The odds are terrible; however, there are over 10,000 $500 winners and nearly 30,000 $100 winners with this game.  Those numbers alone take my eyes off the odds.  Everyone loves jumbo bucks. 

(1. Sapphire Blue 7's ($5) Odds 1:3.07 Top Prize $77,777 Number of top prizes 3) This ticket has been around since 2004.  What can I say...  I love this ticket also.  The odds are good.  The number of prizes is good.  The unique prizes is a plus.  This game is nearly flawless. I say nearly because the odds aren't 1:1.  LOL.  Anyway, this will be one of my favorite games up until the very end.


That's my top ten.  I hope I helped some of you understand what is out there in TN.  If you have any questions just let me know.  Happy scratching Tennessee.



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November 10, 2005, 9:37 pmI won!!!! $25...

I won $25 on a scratch off my dad sent me.  I really like this ticket.  (Struck by luck)  I can't wait to go home and try Holiday Riches.  $10 ticket with odds 1in2.3.  I also won $100 on Big Money about a week ago.  You gotta love those 10x symbols.  :)  Well until my next win...  Later

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July 12, 2005, 12:00 amTN's new $10 ticket "Big Money"

Ok TNlottery wtg starting a new $10 ticket where you match numbers instead of fruits...  There is a BIG problem with Big Money though.  The odds are 1:3.1.  $5 tickets have better odds than this ticket.  I know the prizes are great... 

3 $250,000

59 $10,000

757 $1000

I know MISS BEE won $1000 and congrats...  However, I think the odds will catch up to this game fast.  I hope we get a new $10 like JUMBO JUMBO BUCKS in GA.  The odds are 1:2.5.  We'll see...

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July 6, 2005, 8:39 pmA $50 win today!

I always play a $5 win for life.  I really like this game.  I can only find it at certain places.  Anyway, I tried the new $10 and bought 1 win for life.  I scratched the win for life and freaked out.  That's the most I've won on this ticket.  Also, someone from Clarksville, TN won my ticket (the $1,000 a week for life).  Oh well there is one left and it's all mine. 

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June 25, 2005, 4:49 amAlmost nailed a $112 win.

Well I went to play jumbo bucks at my favorite store.  A lady in front of me bought $10 worth.  (The amount I always buy).  She scratched her's on a table behind me and I heard her say, "Whoo hoo I won $12."  I thought crap I wish I came in before her because that was my money back and $2.  Then on her next ticket she let out of scream that could be heard from outside.  She won $100!  For a total of $112.  I cashed in my free ticket after she cashed in her $112.  Oh well.  I guess that's how the cookie crumbles.

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June 21, 2005, 3:25 amKY Top 10 Scratch offs.

KY scratchers were hard to sort through.  Mainly because very few have top prizes remaining.  Odds on some tickets were great and some were very BAD!  Here's what I got.  (My hint to KY scratcher players is buy only new games because they run out of top prizes fast and buy $10 and $20 tickets because those odds are great.)


Here's my list of KY Scratch offs:

10. Money Bags ($1).  The odds aren't very good on this game (1:6), however, I do like the fact you don't win free tickets on this game.  That is a plus in my opinion.  There are top prizes out there with this game.  The Top Prize is $500.

9. Win Pig Fly ($1).  The odds are ok for this game.  1:4.7.  Top Prize is $500.

8. Pink Panther ($2)  The odds are rather bad on this game, however, this game had a lot of top prizes remaining.  Odds 1:4.5  top Prize $10,000

7. 3 cards up ($1)  This game has ok odds and has top prizes remaining.  Odds are 1:4.8.  Top Prize is $1,500.

6.  Solid Gold ($2)  This game has bad odds (1:4.5) however, it does have top prizes of $24,000 out there right now. 

5. Easy Street ($1) This game seems fun.  Odds are ok for a $1 game (1:4.8)  and believe it or not it has top prizes out there of $3,000

4. Circus Circus ($5)  This game has bad odds for a $5 ticket 1:3.9, however, there is a 2nd chance drawing so send in all the losers you get with this ticket.  You could win a trip to Las Vegas. 

3. Diamond White 7's ($5)  This game has the best odds I could find for a $5 ticket with top prizes remaining.  The top prize for this game is $37,000.  Looks like a fun game to play.

2. Money Money Money ($20)  This game has ok odds for a $20 ticket.  1:2.6.  Top Prize is only $50,000 but the prizes are all $25 or above so no FREE TICKETS!  I like that idea. 

1. $100 Grand ($10).  This game has GREAT odds for a $10 ticket and has a good number of top prizes for KY standards.  Odds are 1:2.4!  I really like the way this game is.  I would certainly purchase this ticket if I went to KY in the next few weeks, However, KY doesn't reprint tickets so in a little while the top prizes will sell out.


Good Luck.



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June 19, 2005, 4:55 amGA top 10 scratchers

Here is my GA top ten scratch games:

10. $100 Million Cash Spectacular ($10)  This game a great for all the prizes under $1 million.  Since there is no cash option with this game it didn't do as well as it could have.  In fact the lower prizes helped it this far.  If this game had a cash option it would be the perfect game.  Only flaw would be the high odds of winning 1:3.2.

9. Big Bucks ($3).  Top Prize $100,000 (not bad for a $3 ticket).  The odds are a little high but not as bad as I've seen in other states.  1:3.7 

8. Double Down ($3)  This ticket has a good top prize of $80,000.  Odds of winning are pretty good 1:3.5.

7. Junior Jumbo Bucks ($1)  This game is the start of the Jumbo Bucks series on the top ten.  Top prize is as high as it gets for a $1 ticket.  $10,000.  Odds are 1:4.6. 

6. $25,000 bankroll ($2)  This game is pretty good when it comes to top prizes.  Odds are good 1:3.9. 

5. Heads or Tails ($1)  I like this game.  It seems to be fun.  Top Prize is $6,000.  Odds are great for a $1 ticket in GA  1:4.3.

4. Jumbo Jumbo Bucks ($10)  A great $10 ticket where you match numbers and Jumbos!  Top prize is $500,000.  Overall odds say it all baby 1:2.5. 

3. Lucky 7's. ($1) Odds a bit rough, however, this game a lot of top prizes at any given time.  Odds 1:4.9.

2. Jumbo Bucks Classic ($2).  This ticket has a lot of $50,000 prizes.  In fact they should post that on the ticket.  Right now there are about 50 top prizes of $50,000.  I can't imagine how many $500 and $100 prizes there are.  My Estimate is 50,000 $100 and 30,000 $500.  A great game indeed.  Odds 1:4.2

1. Giant Jumbo Bucks ($5) This $5 Jumbo Bucks is the best game in GA hands down.  With a top prize of $150,000 (23 of them out right now) and odds of 1:3.27, Giant Jumbo Bucks would be my game to play.

Good Luck to our GA players.

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June 19, 2005, 4:17 amTN top Ten Scratch offs.

My top 10 Scratch offs for TN are:

10. Sapphire Blue 7's ($5)  TN's 2nd $5 ticket is fun.  It has pretty good odds.  1:3.07.  Top prize is $77,777 which is a fun number if you hit it.  They have plenty of 2nd and 3rd place prizes with this game. 

9. Lucky Cherry Slots ($1)  I like this game for the fact that it has quite a few top prizes left and the odds are ok for a $1 scratcher for TN.  Odds of winning something 1:4.5

8. 7-11-21 ($1)  This game is cool because of the odds.  1:4.  The $1 scratch game's odds have been climbing for a while now.  This game has some of the best odds for $1 tickets. 

7. Super Cash ($2) This new game is very fun to play.  They have 60,000 prizes from $20 to $500.  The odds are the best you can get for a $2 ticket. 

6. Bank Roll ($1)  I like this one dollar ticket a lot.  It is loaded with $50 prizes as I found out.  I really like the fact of matching only two amounts rather than 3.  Top Prize is $5,000.  Odds 1:4.8

5. Lucky 7's ($1) I'm not too crazy about these odds, however, it has a lot of top prizes.  I'm not too crazy about the 2nd place prize of $77.  Why not a 2nd place prize of $777???  Oh well.  It's fun to play. Top Prize $7,000  Odds 1:4.9

4. $100,000 ($5)  I really like $5 tickets and $100,000 jackpot is the first $5 scratcher TN had and it's still hot.  With the top prize of $100,000 and a lot of 2nd and 3rd place prizes this game is a favorite and will continue to be.  The odds of winning are 1:3.33. 

3. Mega Slots ($10) The only $10 game TN has is a fun game.  You can win up to 20 times.  I'm not too crazy about matching fruits.  I would much rather match numbers but that is a personal opinion.  The top prize on this game is $250,000.  If you play you have a pretty good shot of winning something.  Odds 1:2.6

2. Black Jack ($1)  This game is number two for the odds.  1:4 is about right with this game.  The top prize is only $2,100 but they have quite a few of them out there.  I really enjoy this game if I can find it it's a must. 

1. Jumbo Bucks ($2)  Although I'm not too crazy about the odds this game is the stuff.  It has a top prize of $50,000 and they have usually atleast 10 top prizes out at once.  After the game is reprinted (About every 2 months) We have about 30 top prizes.  Odds 1:4.2

Good luck.  (This page may be updated as more games are released and more games are ended.)

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June 18, 2005, 5:40 amI won $25 today!

Well I played my normal Friday $12 on scratch offs.  I won $5 on jumbo bucks.  (Bought 5 of them)  Then I bought 2 Diamond Dash.  ($1 tickets)  First ticket on diamond dash I didn't win.  On the 2nd one it was awesome.  I got 6 diamonds.  So I thought only $6 dollars.  I scratched off the prizes and has a surprise.  I scratched off 5 $3 dollar symbols and then scratched a $10 symbol.  That was so great.  So all in all I got $30 today.  Not bad.  My mom bought some win for life tickets today and won $50.  Luck is in the family right now.  I hope it keeps up through the weekend.  I wouldn't mind a $43 million powerball win.  Good luck everyone.

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