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Tennessee's top 10 scratchers


The following is my top ten Tennessee scratch offs on the market at your nearest gas station. 


(10. Junior Jumbo Bucks ($1) Odds 1:4.9 Top Prize $10,000 Number of Top Prizes 19) I've not played "JUNIOR" as much as I've played senior but I like the number of top prizes and the amount of the top prize.  The top prize is the most for any $1 scratch off offered in TN.  For that it gets my number 10 spot.

 (9. TIE

Fast 50's ($2) Odds 1:3.6. Top Prize $20,000 Number of top prizes 7

Sizzling 7's ($2) Odds 1:3.7. Top Prize $27,000 Number of top prizes 5) I examined these games inside and out.  Truth is... I like both.  The odds are pretty good for a $2 game and the number of top prizes is also a plus.  These two games have been reprinted so I'm not the only one in TN that thinks these two games are great. 

(8. Royal Riches ($5) Odds 1:2.7. Top Prize $100,000. Number of top prizes 2)  I remember playing this game when it came out and loved it.  The odds are the best I've seen for a $5 ticket.  There are only 2 top prizes left but I think TN will reprint this game.  I see it in almost every store I walk into. 

(7. Stacks of Cash ($5) Odds 1:2.6. Top Prize $100,000. Number of top prizes 1)  When I thought I had seen it all with Royal Riches, TN gave us Stacks of Cash.  The odds on this ticket beat Royal Riches which was the lowest odds your can get from any $5 ticket in TN.  This game is great.  Like Royal Riches the number of top prizes is low.  Only 1 left.  However, TN will reprint this game.  It's very popular.

(6. Crown Jewels ($10) Odds 1:3.1 Top Prize $250,000. Number of top prizes 4)  I like $10 tickets.  This one included.  Only flaw is the odds are a little higher than I would hope.  Top Prize is $250,000.  No surprise since every $10 ticket have the same top prize.  (Until Jumbo Jumbo bucks)  Anyway, with 4 top prizes in the state it takes the number 6 spot.

(5. $100,000 hold'em Poker ($5). Odds 1:3.4. Top Prize $100,000 Number of top prizes 5) The only reason this game takes the number 5 spot is because of the 5 top prizes and the numerous other prizes you may win.  I don't think this game is as popular as Tennessee wanted it to be.  The truth is it is just too confusing.  True...  It's poker and any gambler knows how to play poker.  But most stick to scratch tickets to match numbers.  The odds also needs a lot of work. 

(4. High Card ($1) Odds 1:4.5. Top Prize $3,000 Number of top prizes 25)  High Card... The only $1 ticket to make the top 5.  This ticket is not bad for a $1 ticket.  The odds are nice.  What really made this ticket number 4 was the 25 top prizes it has in the state.  Although it is a card game it's very simple to play.  In fact...  I may go buy some tomorrow. 

(3. Super Deuces ($2) Odds 1:3.5 Top Prize $22,222 Number of top prizes 8) One of the newest $2 tickets we have in TN.  It's very easy to play.  Number of top prizes is 8 so that is a plus.  I also like the unique top prize amount.  The odds are the best we have for a $2 ticket here in TN.  Jump on this ticket before it's too late.

(2. Jumbo Bucks ($2) Odds 1:4.2. Top Prize $50,000 Number of top prizes 27) This ticket is the bread and butter of the TN lottery.  If they didn't have Jumbo Bucks they wouldn't have a lottery.  It's the most played scratch off and the most played game in TN period.  I love the number of top prizes.  I also love the amout of the top prize. The odds are terrible; however, there are over 10,000 $500 winners and nearly 30,000 $100 winners with this game.  Those numbers alone take my eyes off the odds.  Everyone loves jumbo bucks. 

(1. Sapphire Blue 7's ($5) Odds 1:3.07 Top Prize $77,777 Number of top prizes 3) This ticket has been around since 2004.  What can I say...  I love this ticket also.  The odds are good.  The number of prizes is good.  The unique prizes is a plus.  This game is nearly flawless. I say nearly because the odds aren't 1:1.  LOL.  Anyway, this will be one of my favorite games up until the very end.


That's my top ten.  I hope I helped some of you understand what is out there in TN.  If you have any questions just let me know.  Happy scratching Tennessee.



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