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KY Top 10 Scratch offs.


KY scratchers were hard to sort through.  Mainly because very few have top prizes remaining.  Odds on some tickets were great and some were very BAD!  Here's what I got.  (My hint to KY scratcher players is buy only new games because they run out of top prizes fast and buy $10 and $20 tickets because those odds are great.)


Here's my list of KY Scratch offs:

10. Money Bags ($1).  The odds aren't very good on this game (1:6), however, I do like the fact you don't win free tickets on this game.  That is a plus in my opinion.  There are top prizes out there with this game.  The Top Prize is $500.

9. Win Pig Fly ($1).  The odds are ok for this game.  1:4.7.  Top Prize is $500.

8. Pink Panther ($2)  The odds are rather bad on this game, however, this game had a lot of top prizes remaining.  Odds 1:4.5  top Prize $10,000

7. 3 cards up ($1)  This game has ok odds and has top prizes remaining.  Odds are 1:4.8.  Top Prize is $1,500.

6.  Solid Gold ($2)  This game has bad odds (1:4.5) however, it does have top prizes of $24,000 out there right now. 

5. Easy Street ($1) This game seems fun.  Odds are ok for a $1 game (1:4.8)  and believe it or not it has top prizes out there of $3,000

4. Circus Circus ($5)  This game has bad odds for a $5 ticket 1:3.9, however, there is a 2nd chance drawing so send in all the losers you get with this ticket.  You could win a trip to Las Vegas. 

3. Diamond White 7's ($5)  This game has the best odds I could find for a $5 ticket with top prizes remaining.  The top prize for this game is $37,000.  Looks like a fun game to play.

2. Money Money Money ($20)  This game has ok odds for a $20 ticket.  1:2.6.  Top Prize is only $50,000 but the prizes are all $25 or above so no FREE TICKETS!  I like that idea. 

1. $100 Grand ($10).  This game has GREAT odds for a $10 ticket and has a good number of top prizes for KY standards.  Odds are 1:2.4!  I really like the way this game is.  I would certainly purchase this ticket if I went to KY in the next few weeks, However, KY doesn't reprint tickets so in a little while the top prizes will sell out.


Good Luck.



Entry #4


Comment by JimmySand9 - June 21, 2005, 10:02 pm
You seem to like the good odds games. You are going to LOVE FL scratch-offs. Every ticket is 1 in 3.99 or better. No 1 in 4's here. But on the other hand, there are lots of free tickets.
Tnplayer805Comment by Tnplayer805 - June 21, 2005, 11:09 pm
I like free tickets. Just give me another chance to win.

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