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Something I've noticed about JADELottery's Pick 3/4 Selector program this week...


This week, I decided to do something using JADELottery's Pick 3/4 Selector.  I decided to take ALL of the outputs for all the methods (Fixed or Float and Classic or Quantum) for both Cash 3 and Cash 4 that I generated last Friday (for the numbers I played this week) and put them into an Excel spreadsheet and keep track of hits.  Here's what I've seen this week in regards to Cash 3......

Midday Cash 3:  (Note:  All "Quantums" are 1-play-based)


Fixed/Classic Float/Classic Fixed/Quantum Float/Quantum Hits Date and Draw
027 224 763 716 027 Front Pair 11/9/08 Evening
440 775 027 Box 11/13/08 Midday


Evening Cash 3: (** = the one I played for $0.50 box from Fri. to Wed. for $3 total)


Fixed/Classic Float/Classic Fixed/Quantum Float/Quantum Hits Date and Draw
027 011 347 576 335 Front Pair 11/7/08 Evening
112** 149 234 Back Pair 11/7/08 Evening
335 234 457 Box 11/8/08 Midday
420 457 027 Front Pair 11/9/08 Evening
558 542 335 Back Pair 11/10/08 Midday
643 765 850 Box 11/11/08 Evening
866 850 850 Box 11/12/08 Midday
951 988 988 Box 11/12/08 Evening
027 Box 11/13/08 Midday
420 Back Pair 11/13/08 Midday


FYI, there were 2 box hits for Cash 4.....2972 on 11/7/08 Evening and 7228 on 11/12/08 Midday -- I decided not to do whole tables just for those since those were the only hits.

I am amazed at the number of hits that came from Jade's Pick 3/4 Selector for Cash 3....and even more shocking to me is that most of them came from the numbers I generated for the *evening* draws and that it's been 50/50 so far for both midday and evening draws for hitting something.

I'm considering changing up my numbers playing this week.  Normally, I buy a $0.50 box play for 6 draws on Cash 3 (for $3) and 7 straight/box draws for Cash 4 (for $7) totalling $10.  I might change that up and do 3 sets of numbers for Cash 3.......$3 at $0.50/6 draws on one number, draw, and method (e.g. 28X front pair for midday), another $3 at $0.50/6 draws for another number (e.g. X41 back pair for evening), and another $3 at $0.50/6 draws for another number (e.g. 592 box for evening).  That's $9 total, $1 less than what I've been doing.  I might consider bumping 2 of the number plays up to 7 draws to make it a round $10.

This is something that makes me go "Hmmmm......" Wink

Until next time, may you hit your front pairs, back pairs, boxes, and straights on your numbers games. Smile

Entry #57


JADELotteryComment by JADELottery - November 14, 2008, 12:39 pm
HEY!! Glad to see you're doing well with the experiments. I've been spot checking various P3 and P4 lotteries the past few months. I haven't had much time for anything else. I'll be back in Wisconsin this weekend working on my other home. Hopefully this will be the last weekend I have spend out there till spring, then I can spend more time on lottery stuff.

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