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The KACHING Report 11/28 + surprise this morning


Not much this week.  Just 2 slowplaying sessions at that tobacco mart.


Free ticket on $3 Strike It Rich 2009

$25 (5 x $5) on $10 Millionaire Mania

Free ticket on $5 $500,000 Player's Club


$6 ($3 + $2 + $1) on $3 Strike It Rich 2009

Free ticket on $1 Quick 6s

$7 ($7) on $3 Lucky 7s Bingo

$5 ($5) on $2 Loteria

$7 ($7) on $2 Instant Win For Life

Free ticket on $2 Stocking Stuffer

On both days this week.......it was ugly.

If you're wondering.....no, I didn't play today.  There's been company over all day.  I'm supposed to go somewhere with my father tomorrow morning for breakfast.....and some lotto playing afterwards (and maybe some Keno playing as well.......4-spot madness baby! Big Smile ).

The KACHING meter for November 28, 2008:  6.1

I hope everyone had a safe and happy Thanksgiving!

Oh yeah........my mom left very early in the morning to do some "black Friday" shopping.  She came back with a new pair of shoes for me that she got for $5.......and these look like pretty darn expensive Nike shoes, too.  But.....her and my stepdad came with something else.  I heard both of them grunting as if they were carrying something heavy through the door.  You wouldn't believe what it was that my mom also bought that I never saw coming........

.....a 42 in. plasma HDTV. Big Grin Santa

Yeah.......she found an insane deal at Wal-Mart on a 42 inch Samsung HDTV.  We've got it all hooked up in the living room (with the TV that used to be there now in my room......which is an upgrade from my old TV.....has surround sound built in and a better picture (although not as good as that new HDTV)).  It has an AWESOME picture.  I watched some shows like Maury and Sanford and Son and the picture quality was a ton better than the old TV.

Well.....until next time, may your tickets be nothing but winners and may you hit spots like crazy playing Keno. Smile

P.S.  I'm not going to play Cash 3 this week.  I'm taking a break for a week and probably will resume next week, complete with evening (just evening......not gonna worry about the other draws and "combined" numbers anymore) generations.

Entry #63


konaneComment by konane - November 29, 2008, 10:48 am
Awesome sounding tv, just as good as a lottery win!!! Have fun watching it!!

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