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lotto purchases today




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nothing like piano music with ladies oohing and la la ing. the perfect music to write my blog.


well i think i have decided to open up a canadain bank account. i can't figure a way to handle my canadian checks. maybe when i win the big one i can just walk out of the office up there and deposit it in my account. i was going to run up there tomorrow but i am going to wait until another time. hopefully before the year runs out.


lets see. i am sending off two tickets, 1 to north carolina and 1 to south dakota. i hit the powerball a while back and i think i mentioned it here already. i also hit the the hot lotto in south dakota. i got a 100% return on my ticket. Dance




i played the sizzler and i won on two different days and got back the 18 dollars i spent there. i need to break that 100% barrier like i did in canada.


ok i did make it back to nyc for the funeral and i was a wreck but i did get my lotto.

i got 2 separate drawings for the new york lottery. they have a very stupid and arcane way of playing advance play for the ny lottery. you can only do 2 advance play tickets in ny. so i got my 2 and they were both losers. oh well.


i stayed in new jersey and i picked up a 8 drawing ticket for the pick 6 in jersey. i also picked up 1 megamillion ticket when i first got there. after a few days and the pot was still high i broke down and got another 8 drawing ticket in new jersey. i didn't do the pick 6 again because i am not made out of money. lol.


well PA is the opposite way and only about 25 minutes from where i was staying and off i went with the misses to PA to get a ticket. i get to this little place in easton and the guy is on the phone. i made the mistake of asking him if he knew how to do the advance play. he tells me yeah and of course he starts doing it all wrong. i had to stop him and told him i wanted to fill out the form. he could not figure out how to do 11 advance plays with the powerplay. so i tore that one up and did another for 10 drawings which took me up to the cut off date for the change over.


now i am up against the change over for powerball with colorado, montana, and PA. which means i have to go to oregon in january to get my next tickets. my north carolina connection gets forgetful sometimes and doesn't buy them on time. so i will be headed down there right after the changeover and hopefully the price of gas stays down.


i did have a washington lotto win. i hit for 3 dollars on 2 separate drawings. i also had a mega million loser for washington. i had a south dakota powerball loser too. i also have a kentucky winner. this was the ticket that i did not play the power play. i still have a few more drawings on that this one. so i will be closing it out this week and purchashing a new washington lotto.


well i think that about covers it.


oh no one more thing or maybe two.


one i am headed down to cali for a social visit. i am going to get tickets down there too. i am hoping no one wins the cali lottery before i get there. it will be up to 29 million by saturday if no one hits it. i am thinking of getting a set. by one set on saturday with max drawings and then buy another set of max drawings on sunday. then i want to buy me maybe 40 dollars worth of the big spin tickets scratch off game. i want to spin that damn wheel for the money.


well the 2nd thing went away and now it is time for me to go away too. until next time.


mr power and mister mega thank you and mister mega you can stop on my numbers!!!




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