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The KACHING Report 1/2 and my "lucky charm" that I posted about...


First, let's do the 1st KACHING Report of the new year.....


$5 loss


$5 (Mega $1) and a free ticket on 2 $3 Mighty Mega Bucks

$12 loss


$7 ($5 + $2) on $1 Triple Win

$3 ($2 + $1) on $3 $100,000 Monopoly

$10 loss


$25 loss (bought Cash 3 and a Millionaire Jumbo Bucks and hit nothing)


$15 loss (bought Cash 3 and a Jingle Jumbo Bucks and hit nothing)


$5 loss


$25 ($15 + $10) on $20 Millionaire Jumbo Bucks

Back-to-back $5 winners (both "5X" $1) and $2 ($2) on some $1 5X The Money

Free ticket on $5 Giant Jumbo Bucks

$2 profit (could be more profit if I hit anything on my 10 $0.50 Cash 3 tickets tonight -- that profit amount counts the $5 I spent on Cash 3)

The KACHING Meter for January 2, 2009:  6.0

Overall, this week wasn't that good.  I'm "batting 500" (won 1, lost 1) on those Millionaire Jumbo Bucks tickets.  Oh well.....can't have big picture-perfect wins every week. Smile

About that lucky charm.......I replied to a thread in the lottery discussion forum about lucky charms and talked about mine and stated that I might post a picture of it later.  Well, I'll post a picture of it.  I'll warn you.....it's kinda hard to see the "pi" symbol......my scanner couldn't hit enough light on it.  You've gotta hold it in the light really well in order to see it.

(If you're curious, the other side of this scratcher coin has the current GA Lottery logo on it.)

This scratcher coin has scratched off quite a few nice winners last year, including my 2 most recent $100 winners (that I remember.....I don't know if I used this coin for my 1st 3 $100 winners last year year or not).

Until next time, may you hit big on your numbers games and scratchers. Big Grin

Entry #86


konaneComment by konane - January 3, 2009, 8:52 am
Hey nice good luck charm, where did you get it? Winning tide will roll back in for you very soon, stay as positive as you always are and watch it happen!!!
Comment by sorensonfan41 - January 3, 2009, 12:28 pm
I got it at a fair in Cumming, GA. They had a GA lottery booth set up with a bunch of tables and buckets full of these gold scratcher coins. That one I posted was the only one of the bunch (of the several I took home) with that pi symbol imperfection.

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