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"Vaquera de la Finojosa" Verse or whatever it is + Some Good Links.




 A serranilla
    by Iñigo López de Mendoza Santillana

    From Calatrava as I took my way
    At holy Mary's shrine to kneel and pray,
    And sleep upon my eyelids heavy lay,
        There where the ground was very rough and wild,
        I lost my path and met a peasant child:
    From Finojosa, with the herds around her,
    There in the fields I found her.

    Upon a meadow green with tender grass,
    With other rustic cowherds, lad and lass,
    So sweet a thing to see I watched her pass:
        My eyes could scarce believe her what they found her,
        There with the herds around her.

    I do not think that roses in the Spring
    Are half so lovely in their fashioning:
    My heart must needs avow this secret thing,
        That had I known her first as then I found her,
        From Finojosa, with the herds around her
    I had not strayed so far her face to see
    That it might rob me of my liberty.

    I questioned her, to know what she might say:
    "Has she of Finojosa passed this way?"
    She smiled and answered me: "In vain you sue,
    Full well my heart discerns the hope in you:
        But she of whom you speak, and have not found her.
    Her heart is free, no thought of love has bound her,
        Here with the herds around her."

    Translated by J.P.P. Rice, 1920.

    The original goes:


    Moça tan fermosa
    non vi en la frontera
    com' una vaquera
    de la Finojosa.

    Faziendo la vía
    del Calatraveno
    a Santa Marìa,
    vençido del sueño,
    por tierra fraguosa
    perdí la carrera,
    do vi la vaquera
    de la Finojosa.

    En un verde prado
    de rosas e flores,
    guardando ganado
    con otros pastores,
    la vi tan graçiosa
    que apenas creyera
    que fuesse vaquera
    de la Finojosa.

    Non creo las rosas
    de la primavera
    sean tan fermosas
    nin de tal manera.
    Fablando sin glosa,
    si antes supiera
    de aquela vaquera
    de la Finojosa,

    non tanto mirara
    su mucha beltad,
    porque me dexara
    en mo libertad.
    Mas dixe:"Donosa
    (por saber quién era),
    ¿donde es la vaquera
    de la Finojosa?".

    Bien commo riendo,
    dixo: "Bien vengades,
    que ya bien entiendo
    lo que domandades:
    non es desseosa
    de amar, nin lo espera
    aquessa vaquera
    de la Finojosa".
My own translation: Not so good at all as I have forgotten most of the Spanish that I once knew.

A more beautiful girl
I have not seen on the border
like a cowgirl
of the Finojosa

Facing the road
of the Calatraveno
to Santa Maria,
 so sleepy,              I failed to translate this line quite right, but only close.
for rough terrain
lost the hurry,
I saw the cowgirl
of the Finojosa

On a green garden
of roses and flowers,
guarding the herd               
with other shepperds,
I saw her so full of grace
that I could not believe
that she was a cowgirl
of the Finojosa.
Did the first 3, but I am too tired to try to translate the last 3, it is a real workout to try now-days,
my Spanish used to be so good, so long ago.

Should had tried to finish, but it is so hard to translate right, after so many years of not using Spanish.

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