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my home flooded by waters


while on Bed(after awake for 24 hours due to upgrading a friend old machine XDA Blue Angel with OS 6.1) my home flooded by water  Eek Eek Eek, when wake up my hand touch the water ScaredScaredScaredit must be a dream but when really wake up it good too be true Bang HeadBang HeadBang Head, the water surrounded my house with 20 cm deep.

well i guess that just a nature phenomena because it happen after living 8 years in neighourhood.

oh well let see if it will get worst
             Thinking of...

to rebuild the house i must wait little bit longer for aJack-in-the-BoxJack-in-the-BoxJack-in-the-Box

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Comment by pumpi76 - January 8, 2009, 12:21 pm
It got flood out for real? Sorry to hear that...
konaneComment by konane - January 8, 2009, 12:41 pm
Very sorry to hear about that. Hope you get things back to normal soon, and win that jackpot!
ThatScaryChickComment by ThatScaryChick - January 8, 2009, 2:00 pm
Sorry to read this. I hope you didn't suffer to much damage.
LANTERNComment by LANTERN - January 8, 2009, 8:29 pm

Very Sorry!.

I hope that it does not happen again, but it is a flood zone there as well as an earthquake zone, very very dangerous.
But without the volcanoes there would be no island of Java, it was made by the volcanoes.
At least 20 centimeters is only about 8 inches, very very bad of course, but could had been worse.

There was also a mud flood close to your city.

Java is a big Island, kind of.
It is on an earthquake zone also and there are many volcanoes there.
There was a very bad earthquake there about 2 to 3 years ago or so.
Surabaya Overview
Be advised that the time in Surabaya is GMT + 7 hours.

Situated at the mouth of the Kali Mas River, Surabaya was first settled in 1275. And is much older than its larger rival, Jakarta. Originally known as Ujung Galuh, in 1358 it was known as Churabaya and was ruled by a succession of kingdoms until Dutch rule in 1596.

Comprising a land area of some 326 square kilometers, Surabaya proper is divided into 31 districts. Surrounded by two industrial cities, Gresik to the north-west and Sidoarjo on the south side. Surabaya is the known as one of the fastest growing cities in Indonesia.

The Kali Mas River is the dividing line between east & west Surabaya. See map.

With its location at the mouth the Kali Mas River, Surabaya is basically in a flood plain. This, coupled with fact that several areas of the city are only 3-6 m above sea level, means that from time to time some areas of Surabaya are flood during the wet monsoon ( but not nearly as severely as Jakarta).
Good luck Ragwi.
sysp34Comment by sysp34 - January 9, 2009, 8:25 am
pumpi76 , konane, ThatScaryChick, Fernando thanks and there are no rains again after THE BIG RAIN and the fog came up in the late morning and jawa pos newpaper reported on Friday 09/01/2009 here are the translation using google translate, although it not perfect but might be you can read the bottom line

[Friday, January 09, 2009]
Rain High rainfall, flooding and Kemacetan in Central City
SURABAYA - Heavy downpours yesterday (8 / 1) re-create many stagnant area of Surabaya. Water is high enough going on everywhere. In fact, some lines that are usually the protocol from the flood of power does not hold the rain water overflow.

Surefire, congestion occurs in almost all lines. Especially in the path-city routes. A large vehicle that broke down because the water in the submerged streets make mengular long queue of vehicles and sizable long.

Watchlist based Jawa Pos, in some way, such as road Margorejo, Rungkut Industry, Wonokromo, Darmo, and other areas, water reached the height seban car or about 50 cm.

Water is high enough on the road also happens Ciliwung and Indragiri. In two of the road often becomes a flood during heavy rain came down, the water reached a height of 60 cm.

Which is probably the most severe conditions in Mayjend Road Sungkono. Since the rain came down at about 14:00, two hours later, the protocol is set up to water selutut. The driver also had a way of panic. Mengular congestion along the road.

Many motorcycles and cars that broke down. In fact, in front of the Self-Service Vida, many motor drowned. ''I can banjirnya until segini?''Suspire Prayitno while motornya lead.

In fact, since the local government channel membenahi intensive and add some pump house, has long Mayjend Sungkono Road area from flooding. Floods also reach the path that is usually relatively safe. Of them, Jalan Urip Sumoharjo. Even if the water was stagnant, it's only right. Be it rain yesterday was very swift and lasts longer.

Water region in the south also appear evenly in all areas. On the Road Kalirungkut for example, high-pool reach 50-60 cm. Congestion also occurred in many places.

Peak congestion occurs at 16:30, when employees go home a factory job. Not only bottleneck. There are several motorcycle rider who fell. For several roadside perforated holes and closed the water.

According to the Head Rungkut Irvan Widyanto, floods in the region going down because the rainfall is high enough and lasts long. Moreover, previously predicted pairs of sea water in Surabaya occurred at 15:00 until after the sunset prayer. In addition, somehow the new pump house in the area up to now can not work. On the other hand, the old pump house is also not functioning optimally.

Maintenance''channel also has not been maximum. Therefore, do not wonder if the water is high. Moreover, our topographic region is very low,''he said.

He was told, at 18:30 due to water in the region is still quite high and congestion occurs, take the quick steps. That is, using the car as PP Satpol arranges transport for the employees who keleleran not terangkut general strike because of the vehicle.

Head of Department and Pematusan Bina Marga (DBMP) Sri Mulyono explain, in general, cause flooding in many of the point is quite high rainfall. In addition, the sea tide occurred. Floods in Jalan Mayjend Sungkono pure occurred because rainfall is high enough. ''After we check, all running the maximum pump house. Yes because the rainfall is very high,''specifically.

However, he continued, in general, does not take long flood. Until 18:30 o'clock, the road began to normal. He said, to overcome the problems of flooding, and there are still technical obstacles. For example, floods in the region Rungkut. Currently, the local government are installing the new pump, so it can not be used optimally. While the pump is not a lot of old work.

btw Sir Fernando how do you get the information? is it from cia handbook or others resources

sysp34Comment by sysp34 - January 9, 2009, 8:32 am
well about the JP i must wait a little longer for Expert Lotto 5 for one or two month or maybe more because stan had redesigned EL that support PICK 3/4 and might be for all states 61 draws so tracking particular states would be little bit easier since it have one draws database using this just to make "sure" which str8 8 tickets will be hit using max skips.

LANTERNComment by LANTERN - January 10, 2009, 2:28 am
I got the info from Internet search engines.

As to Expert Lotto, I do hope that Stan does add pick 3 and 4 support to it soon and that you have much good luck with it.

There flooding can come from3 sources:
Rain, the river and the sea.
Earthquakes can come from 2 sources:
Earth faults (Tectonic plates movements) and eruptions from volcanoes and there are so very many of them there.
Your city and or Java are on top of an earth fault, that is an earthquake line or zone.
Again, be careful and good luck to you.

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