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lotto purchases today



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this is a nice and haunting remix of an old classic! it is so nice as i play it over and over again in my background as i type this up. wow. i went to up date my windows media player and it put this back in my current playlist. ah one more time.


Wow is another word for how many hits i got in just two months. i had almost 5000 views in under two months. i thought since i could not get on to do an update things would quite down. how wrong i was. nice to know i am not missed. i have posted on other blogs and polls but just didn't up date this one.


well let me get to the update.


i never made it to cali. i got terribly sick on the day i was supposed to fly down to cali. i had my wife call my friend in cali and let him know i couldn't make it and i was sorry i couldn't use his ticket. the older i get the harder the colds hit you. i just could not get on the plane to go south. i really would like to have gotten a ticket from there. cali is the largest jackpot today. 70 million is no small lotto. oh well until my next trip there. i can't convince my friend to purchase a ticket for me. maybe someone here? hmmmm?


i didn't open a canadian bank account. the banks i talked to up there were all charging maintence fees that would have just ate up the balance. so i just cashed them there. jumping the gun a little bit on the up date but i went up to BC and got me two more lotto tickets. i have a canadian 6/49 good until april sometime and i got a super 7 ticket that is good until july sometime. i don't have any plans to go to canada again for awhile. come to find out that i had 2 checks that were winners on the 6/49 and one good on the super7. i just hate check cashing places. i wish i knew someone up there that i could meet in surrey and just plain ole cash my checks on their account. hmmm? any surrey people here? just asking.


well let me get to the current things. i see a stack of stuff i just need to blurt out. i think i can go over the winners a lot easier than i can the losers.


i had a $10 winner on a $ 10 dollar was lotto ticket. hey look at that a 100% return for once.

i had a $ 6 dollar winner on a 20 dollar wa lotto ticket. Danceof course it is a reason for the blue man to dance. matter of fact i have not put my money in my account yet. i still have the 6 dollars on me. i need to go put it in the bank. no big wins to claim my losses against this year. Crying


thus ends my wins for 2008. no more money will be added to my lotto account for 2008. i will be headed to idaho for my birthday and use the lotto money for last year to go to idaho. i will be expecting a ticker tape parade when i go to lewiston idaho.


oh the losers. oh the losers are such a long list. i am happy i got a couple of road trips to help me in my lotto buying experiences. i want to thank all my employers and family tragedies which gave me an opportunity to lose my money in many states. thank you thank you thank you. and now onto the losing tickets.


montana hot lotto loser with a sizzler 36 dollars

pennsylvania powerball loser with powerplay 20 dollars

montana powerball loser with powerplay 36 dollars

montana millionaire raffle 20 dollars

new jersey pick 6 loser 8 dollars

new jersey megamillions 16 dollars

nebraska powerball with powerplay 48 dollars


i am happy i can help provide an economic boost to the player of the states above. 


i have added to my list of tickets this year too. 


i already spoke about buying 2 canadian tickets. i am just waiting for the acknowledgements from the bc lottery corporation. 


well i had on my calendar the change over for powerball and i was going to go to oregon to get me another power ball ticket. i didn't know if my north carolina connection would be able to help out in a timely manner. i have not heard from her in a while. so i thought the ecomonmy might have gottent ot her family. it has gotten to my family. still i have had hard times before and maintained my powerball play. 


i was going to go with the wife or a friend of mine to oregon but the powers that be ruled each one out. plus it was raining (yes i know it is the northwest) but i was going anyway. i needed to go the wednesday after the changeover to get my power ball ticket. 


i was planning on making a nice slow day down there because of the rain. i was going to stop a few places going south. well i had the radio on in my car and heard that they might be closing the highway because of flooding. i was like oh no. i was not going to drive to idaho through the snow on the mountains. well i just took off and kept driving. i didn't even stop for gas and i knew i was low on gas. 


when i got down to the troubled area it was still open and my gas light was coming on and off but i kept going. once i got near the high ground south of the area i pulled over to get some gas. while i was in the store people were doing things to protect their homes and their well being. the waters were going to be threatening the store i was in and they were thinking of closing. 


i left there and continued south to oregon. as i got into oregon the rain stopped and all was good i thought. 


i looked at the new play slip in the store and let out a yelp of happiness. my dreams had finally come through. OREGON had finally extended the amount of draws i could play the game. it extended the plays to 26 drawings in a row with powerplay. well i was not planning on spending that much money but i got me a ticket for 26 drawings with power play for 52 dollars. ouch. i also got me a megabucks ticket for 10 drawings with the kicker. i could have done more but i did not have that much cash on me. so i was a happy camper.


i go out to my car and listen to the radio and the highway was still open. i talked to two friends of mine and then head home. i get 2 exits out of town heading norht and i hear they just shut the highway down. not only did it get shut going north south. there was no way to get back into the seattle area for anyhow. i couldn't go the coast or the mountain or through canada. i was stuck in this town for 2 days. the first night i was trying to get a room with people whose local river was going to flood too. arrrgggh. 2 days with hardly any money in a motel 6. still i was happy with my lotto ticket. lol.


i purchased a few megamillion tickets here in washington and some wa lotto tickets too. i would go into more details about those tickets but i am getting short on time. superbowl is coming up.


future trips! i have one planned for jacksonville florida. i am already looking forward to getting a powerball ticket from there good for 6 months right along with a florida ticket with the 3x time kicker. now that is almost $160 for the one ticket.


ok go steeler. i am a very very luke warm supporter of the steelers. my teams are out of it.


mister power and mister mega hook me up. i need the money in this ecomonmy.



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