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An interesting find today...


....and no, it wasn't a big winner.  In fact, today's slow playing was a complete and utter disaster.  I'll recap on next week's KACHING Report.

While I was slow playing, my mom was inside the Goodwill store doing her usual shopping.  After it was time to go, I went to her car and pulled out her scratcher tickets that she asked me to get her.  She told me to look in the bag in the back seat.  I reached in and pulled out a small box.  I looked at the front and it read this (with picture).......

"Battery Operated Lottery Selector"

I was like "Huh?" and looked at the picture again.........it's a miniature battery-powered ball machine with teeny tiny little numbered plastic balls 1-60.  On it, there's 2 buttons....."Mix" and "Select" -- when you put in a battery (which I had to get earlier.....didn't have any C batteries and it requires 1) and hold down the mix button, the drum of balls (which you can load and unload with a little tray thingamajig which serves as the place where the drawn numbers come out and as a spout for pouring the balls back into the plastic drum) will spin and mix up the balls like a bingo cage.  When you hold down the "Select" button, it will spin in the opposite direction and balls will end up in the little chute inside the drum and roll out onto the little tray/spout like a standard lottery machine you'd find in a televised drawing.  I've gotta get a picture and post it sometime.  It was a very interesting find.  I've had a lot of fun playing around with it tonight.

Heck.......I might do a blog challenge here on LP with a unique 5/60 game with 12 numbers drawn and the fewer numbers (as few as the 1st 5 drawn numbers) it takes for you to match all 5 of your numbers, the bigger the "cyber"-prize (no real money or anything.....kinda like Maddog's challenges).

My luck on scratchers might have went down the crapper......but I wound up with a very interesting little item in the process. Smile

Until next time, may you have better luck than I did today and may you find interesting goodies (whether or not they're lottery-related). Big Grin

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konaneComment by konane - February 8, 2009, 11:07 am
That machine sounds like a blast!!!! My son gave me a similar one several years ago which I still have. Need to put new batteries in and give it a go again.

Good luck with whatever you may be playing!!!!!!!!!

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