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lotto purchases today



Mood: Good

Now Playing: Bryan Jones: Let It Go

how apprpriate a song for my feeling right now. my daughter pissed me off and i put this song on real loud to chase them from down stairs. she wouldn't let me use her headphones and it was some kind of burden for her to drive dad to a bus. it was no burden for me to drive her to seattle and wait until her friend showed up from running errands. Dads get no respect!

like the song says i need to let it go.

anyway i put in my last bit of money from last year into my saving account and i didn't even break 300 last year. hmmmm maybe i should just let that go too. hahaha. i did make enough to get a long awaited drive across washington to idaho on the southern route. i just need to book my room in lewiston or near by.

i was waiting on a check from kentucky that i had not seen and was wondering where it could be. most states are pretty good about sending out the checks. well my wife was going through some old mail and she came across my check from KY. it was for a whopping 4 dollars but it did get added to last years total.

i had a bunch of tickets that matured at the beginning of january but i only had 2 winners both from colorado. i finally got them in the mail and will be waiting on the checks to come back to me so i can start 2009 account.

i did have more losers maturing this year.

1 ten drawing loser for the washington megamillions.

1 dollar ticket for the washington lotto = loser.

1 4 drawing ticket for the washington lotto = loser.

i do have another oregon ticket to check but i have not checked it yet. it is a oregon megabucks ticket.

i have a washington lotto coming due this saturday. i also have a washington megamillions ticket that i know is a 10 dollar winner. i happened to have it on me when i was checking the losers at the counter. so i know i have more for the 2009 lotto fund.

i have no trips planned until next month when i go to florida. i did send off a query to the txlottery people about the time the lotto place is open in the houston airport. i try to pass through there during the middle of the day but my schedule just did not work out that way. so my fingers are crossed that i can get me a ticket while in the airport.

i don't have any more to tell you. i wish i get a thousand dollar win or more this year.

did you hear that mister power and mister mega?


peace yall Hippy

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