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Avatar wiltay -
I don't mean to be dumb, but how do you read this chart? what does the colors mean?
Avatar LANTERN -
I will talk a little more about the chart sometime later when I have time.
For now just look at this:

For whatever use if any at all such a thing might have.

It is as balanced as I could make it, take into account that the percent is only for all the pick 3s in a line and not just for one of them, boxed is an artificial thing, any given pick 3 (Straight) still has a 1/1000 chance, boxed singles 6/1000, boxed doubles 3/1000. triples 1/1000.

You can see that sum 27 will come out 1/10 fewer times than sum 24.

And sum 14 will come out 7.5 times more often than sum 24, that is for every 7.5 times that sum 14 comes out sum 24 should come out just 1 time.

The Complementary added percents (%) for any given line are on the far right side.

As you can see, it is more balanced in that way, but not even, just closer.

It is a picture and can be saved and printed.

The different colors are for:





Every horizontal row or line has 2 Sums one on the left and the other on the right side.

The chart shows Sum, SLD (Sum's Last Digit) and Root.

They are so the boxed pick 3 numbers are put into 14 almost equal lines.

Every line has of from 6.4% up to 7.6 % of winning, that is 6.4 to 7.6 times every 100 draws.

That is unless I am wrong, but remember, all the numbers in a line not just 1 of them.

The singles in a line will come out 3 times more often than the doubles and 6 times more often than the triples.

There are more possible stats for the chart, but they were not computed as I am just now thinking about them.

The numbers in the chart could had been grouped a little different, but that will have to wait for another revision of it if I do it, maybe will, along maybe with more percent stats maybe.

If I did it right, then if we add the percents on the far right they should add to 100 that is 100%. that means 100 times in 100 draws.
So 1% should = 1 draw, so a 6.4 should = 6.4 draws and a 7.6 should = 7.6 draws.
That is how many draws out of every 100 draws each of those lines should come out, that is 1 of the numbers on a line should come out for example:
On the average every 100 draws 7 to 8 pick 3 numbers from line 14 should come out.
And 6 to 7 numbers from line number 8 should come out every 100 draws average.
That is on the long extended run and average and only if random is more or less perfect, in practice that might not happen.
That is if I am right, cause I could be wrong.
That is how that chart is used, you need to keep track of the stats for the sums and or for each of the 14 lines there.
The other stuff there like SLD, Roots, Low-High and Even-Odd are just an added bonus, for those that also keep track of them, including singles, doubles and triples.
A person would need Excel or a program or some other way of keeping track of each of the 14 lines and also of the filters there too.
The filters are there to help reduce the combos some more.
As each line has from 15 to 16 boxed combos, this might work better for filtering out unlikely patterns, instead of trying to predict winning patterns.
Avatar LANTERN -
Well, there will be one more change to the C Chart in a few days and will be posted also.

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