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The KACHING Report 2/13 (a little late) + something else today


I know this is a bit late.  I tried to post this earlier, but LP didn't want to cooperate.  Anyway, here it goes.....

Saturday slow playing:

Free ticket and $3 ($3) on 2 $2 Fantastic 5s

$20 (4 x $5) on $10 Extreme Green

Saturday other places:

$10 (Jumbo $2) on $2 Jumbo Bucks Classic

$40 loss


Free ticket on $2 Fantastic 5s

$8 loss


Free ticket, $5 ($5), free ticket, and $12 (12 x $1 w/gold bar) back-to-back on 4 $3 Lucky Gold

2 free tickets on 2 $1 Goin' Green

$5 profit


$72 (12 x $6 w/gold bar) (see previous blog post) and a free ticket back-to-back on 2 $3 Lucky Gold

$65 profit


Free ticket on $3 Lucky Gold

Free ticket on $5 Diamonds & Gold

$14 loss

The KACHING Meter for February 13, 2009:  14.5

Thanks to that $72 winner, the week went from a huge loss to near-breakeven.  I took a beating Saturday.....one of the worst I've had in a while.

Today, I only got to do literally 10 minutes of slow playing......not very much at all.  We were in a rush to go looking around for, of all things, a new (or used) vehicle.  One of the cylinders in my mom's car (which is a 4-cylinder) went kaput.  So....my mom decides to get her another vehicle (but will repair the old car and have it in case of emergencies).  We go all over the place....and finally found a used 2004 Toyota Highlander in very good condition and taken very good care of.  We took it for a test drive and my mom loved it.  I even liked riding in it.....seats were comfortable.....it rode good.....and the back seat had a nice elbow cushion which felt very nice.  She had a chat with the salesperson and then they decided to talk about monthly payments.  She got a quote and decided to go home to think about it.  She wasn't sure she was going to get it or not, despite being the best deal around of all of the "reasonable" vehicles (not too big like a huge 4x4 truck, not too small like a 2-door base model car, and not a vehicle that gets only single-digit miles to the gallon on gas).  Heck, the original factory warranty was still in effect.  I go into work and finish a busy night (with my left foot, because I was on my feet at the car dealerships all day long, being a royal pain in the butt and wanting to hurt really bad).  I call my stepdad after I was done with everything....thinking they were still looking online and calling dealerships to see what kinds of good deals they had.  I was sitting there waiting for my stepdad and my mom to come pick me up from work.  I saw a vehicle come around the corner and stop.  I was telling the manager on duty (a cool guy to talk with) where I work about what we were doing today and looking for another vehicle.  Both of our eyes became wide open.........the vehicle was a dark blue 2004 Toyota Highlander.  My mom, while I was at work, had decided to get it.

Until next time, may you find nice deals and nice winners. Smile

Entry #101


konaneComment by konane - February 15, 2009, 9:42 am
Congrats on your mom's new car, good for her!!!! Hope it gives her excellent dependable service for a very long time!!!

Your scratcher luck will come back soon .... break-even luck with those is good sometimes.

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