C Chart Pick-3 Latest Incarnation, it is a boxed stats tracking chart.


Now it can also be used for tracking the stats of each of the 8 individual blocks, you can track the many stats in almost anyway that you want to, either by hand or by the use of a program and or spreadsheet.

It shows the expected percents for each of the stats for 100 draws, what is expected and what comes out is not the same of course.

It is a .GIF image file (Picture) and can be downloaded saved and printed once it is finished loading on the page here.

I myself like to use IrfanView, a freeware, picture viewer and printer, it keeps on getting better all of the time.

It would be very hard to put anything else on this chart, but we will see, maybe this is the very last version (?).


Entry #231


Avatar LANTERN -
This chart started as the Sums and Roots chart which is at BobP's site Lotto Logix.
I and others here at L.P. have made a few charts, this I made all by myself, based on the original chart.

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