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No one ever got rich giving it away


My wife went to FL over the weekend to visit with her family she has there. During her stay, one of her cousins told her about their Son who is a Chef out in California (not real sure of exact location).

Anyway, he had this one really nice Lady that patronized his restaurant weekly and to the point he knew her very well and considered her a good friend. One day, she was all excited in that her Father was coming to town to visit with her. Now, the funny part is, she didn't tell him who her Father is. So the day her Father came to town, imagine the look upon his face when it turned out that her Father was Ted Turner.

To show his respect and gratitude to haveing Ted Turner there as a guest, he went over to him and politely told Mr. Turner that the check was on the House. Mr. Turner looked up at him and said to him in his southern drawl  "Son, I have more money then I will ever know what to do with and if you ever want to have anything, you have got to stop giving it away. I don't even give away 30 minutes of my time. And I would be insulted if you did not charge me". Mr. Turner paid his check, with tip, just like any other patron.

Anyway, I just thought this was too cool not to share. And besides, since his divorce, I like Mr. Turner even more now. And in regards to his previous ex...oh well...guess love (or lust) really is blind.

Entry #8


SirMetroComment by SirMetro - July 7, 2005, 2:12 pm
Oh and one other note, whenever Mr. Turner is in the area visiting with his daughter, he stops there for dinner.

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