Posted a short video, no audio, first try at making one.



I made it also with the sound track from "Secret Agent Man", but could not post it like that due to copyrights, so I posted the one without the audio.

There are problems when making and also posting videos, the small size and lack of good resolution of the videos at the posted site(s) is the biggest problem, if you can make them as big as you can, and use lowest resolution instead of biggest when looking at it at its posted site.

When I play the videos here on the Pc they are of good size (Big) and have good enough resolution, but at their posted sites, they look bad and in some sites worst than in others.

As I said, it is better seen on full screen mode, the online player has Full screen mode option on it it is to the left of the Menu Option and to the right of the Volume option:

The first above is best quality. Copy and paste it.


Entry #234


Avatar Todd -
Nice tour around the site. How are you navigating? I don't see any mouse movement or menus opening. Is the screen cropped? (No left nav or top logo bar.)
Avatar konane -
Very nice job!!!
Avatar LANTERN -
Thank You!
I needed and wanted to keep the video's screen as big as possible, because on those sites the video screens are very small and it might be hard to see small text, so I cut out some portions of the Lottery Post, to make the rest appear bigger size, I didn't use a camera or video camera as maybe PackAttack did, I only used software to capture the desktop with, it had a way of just capturing whichever square or rectangular area I wanted to, if I didn't want to get the whole desktop, also I needed and wanted to keep the MegaBytes size of the video as small as possible as I don't have high speed internet at this time, but still needed good enough resolution.
First I tried individual pictures of the screens and then put them together into a video, but the didn't work well enough maybe due to the software that I used or who knows why, the video was made, but looked very bad, it had very bad resolution, I tried 2 or 3 softwares, could not make them work right, so I instead used a desktop video capturing software, I had to think about how to set it to make a good enough video but as small as possible MegaBytes wise, it was a little tricky, but got.
You don't see the mouse or menus opening, because I could not waste time as I needed the file Mb size as small as possible, I went thru the screen pages navigating in the regular way with the mouse and when I was ready to start the video capture I used the browser's back arrow for navigation, so I went from the back or last screen to the first one at which time I ended the video capture of the desktop, after all I was not capturing the upper portion of the desktop where the browser's stuff is at, yes I was tricky, I really should had stated with the last screen first and worked towards the first screen last, so when I captured them in reverse as I did, the LP's main home screen would be seen first.
I should also had put some kind of sound on it.
It is the first time that I make and post videos, I should had done it when I had DSL as I did about a year ago.
I can still keep on making small length videos if I want to, audio does not add too much to them if the videos run only for a few minutes.
I have a camera that can also take short videos as those cameras can, I might try it some other time.
Most video sites nowdays seem to allow only short videos to be posted by new members.

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